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6 Ways To Boost Your Inner Happiness

Create some inner happiness

Have you ever wondered how some people are just so happy all of the time? Do they know something that we don’t? Do they have perfect lives that don’t involve any stress or down days? Or do they just put on a front before getting home and whipping out the ice cream?

Sometimes, happiness can seem like something that is just out of reach, but actually, it’s something that is there for all of us to experience if we want to.

Have a look at these 6 tips, and give your inner happiness that little bit of a boost

Learn when to let go

Learning when to let things go, especially when it’s something that is draining you, can be a great step in boosting your inner happiness. We all have things that we dwell on, but the trick is to recognise when it’s worth it and when it’s just not.

If there’s nothing you can do to change a situation, then have a think and see if it’s really worth your time and effort worrying about it.

We’ve all experienced arguments, things we wish we’d said and done, and dwelled on missed opportunities, and they are all things that can bring us down and stay with us for years if we let them. It is hard to do, but some things are just best forgotten about and left in the past.

When you learn how and when to let go of these little things that are bothering you, you can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you’ll find you have more time and energy to put into the things that make you happy.

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Learn to love yourself

Learning to love yourself, even if it’s just a little bit can be a great help in boosting your inner happiness. Rather than spending time focusing on your bad points and thinking about the things that you want to change, try focusing on your good points. Focus on the things that you really like about yourself and find ways to let them shine through.

Are you a good listener, a great problem solver, or someone that can throw a great tasting meal together without even thinking about it? Do you have amazing hair, perfect teeth or a figure you’re proud of? Give yourself some credit and revel in your awesomeness.

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself is something that I think we all struggle with at some point. If something goes wrong, then the easiest person to blame is yourself, even if it wasn’t your fault. If you fail a job interview or manage to accidentally offend someone then you’ll always be left thinking that you could or should have done things differently.

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes every now and then. Rather than blaming yourself, give yourself a break. Realise whats happened, accept it and let it go. Don’t spend the next two weeks beating yourself up about it, because you’ll only get yourself down. Learn from your mistakes and do things differently next time.

Celebrate your wins and achievements

If you’ve done something that you’re proud of, what do you usually do? Do you tell yourself that you’ve done a great job and give yourself a little treat, or do you carry on with your day and not think anything more of it? If it’s the latter, then why not try celebrating when you achieve something or have a little personal win? Buy yourself some chocolate or a bottle of wine and tell yourself that you’re amazing.

Celebrating your little wins, however small they are, can push you on and motivate you to do even more. Even if your win for the day is simply getting out of bed when you really didn’t want to, giving yourself a little pat on the back can make you feel so much better, and show you that you are doing a great job.

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Smile when you get out of bed

How you start your morning and what sort of mood you’re in can have an effect on the rest of your day. If you wake up happy and smiling, you’ll start the day feeling good, and that good mood will likely stay with you, whereas, if you wake up down and stressed out, then you’re likely to take that feeling with you throughout your day.

You don’t have to be all sunshine and roses, leap out of bed and dance your way into the kitchen every morning, I don’t think anyone does that, instead, just a smile and some positivity can work wonders.

Write in a journal

Writing in a journal can be a great stress reliever and a great way to get your thoughts down. It can help you to clear your mind and to get things straight in your head. If it’s something you do every morning or every evening then it can become a routine and something you can start to look forward to.

Talking about things, or writing them down can help you to get things off your chest. If something is bothering you, or you’re worried about something, write it down. You’ll be amazed at how much better you can feel.

Being happy is all about knowing yourself, and knowing what makes you tick. Hopefully, these 6 tips will go some way to making you feel happier. Do you have any other tips to add?

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8 Replies to “6 Ways To Boost Your Inner Happiness”

  1. All good things! I love how positive this is, you make excellent points that are clear and meaningful. I turn to positive affirmations when I need a morning boost, I think it’s good to have something motivating and uplifting to brighten my spirit. I need to journal more, I love to write but nowadays I spend so much time writing on the computer I don’t do enough hand written stuff. Most of all, I think self love is Key!

    1. Positive affirmations are definitely good for a morning boost 🙂 I’ve only tried it a few times, but it does actually work!

  2. These tips are excellent 💝. One that works for me is similar to what you mentioned first. Letting go of stuff can be a big game changer – I have never really been one to hold grudges – in school when people would be ‘not speaking’ for whatever reason, I would never do this. Life it too short for grudges and nothing annoys an enemy more that still talking to them when they’re giving you the silent treatment which is just an added bonus when you’re about 14! 😂

    1. I do this too 🙂 I hate the whole not speaking thing, especially when it’s over something that isn’t even worth it. I think it takes more energy to hold a grudge, and also to remember why you’re doing it lol!!

  3. These are all helpful tips to find inner peace. I have perfectionist tendencies so I’m still learning how to be kind to myself and celebrate my wins. Always a work in progress but I’m trying.

  4. Learn when to let go is a huge thing for me to start working on… well that and smiling when I get out of bed! At this time getting up is the last thing I want to do!

    Great post x

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