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11 Things I Definitely DON’T Miss Since Having A Baby

If someone asks you what you miss about your pre-baby life, you’ll likely be able to come up with at least a few things that you used to enjoy doing, and which are now a distant memory. Think long hot bubble baths, sleeping and being able to leave the house without a million different items stuffed into your changing bag.

But what if someone asks you what you DONT miss since having children. These crazy little people that we bring into the world certainly change our lives in more ways than one, and actually, in more ways than we may even realise.

Here are 11 things that I definitely don’t miss since having a baby.


Sitting right at the top of my list has to be hangovers. Before becoming a Mum, I was a little bit of a party animal and spent more time out than I did at home. I’ve spent many a morning (day) tucked up in bed with a headache reminiscing over the previous night’s events and vowing never ever to drink again.

Now that I have a little one to look after, I really can’t deal with having a hangover. I’ve only had one proper night out since having my little boy, and after sticking to only a couple of glasses of wine, and getting to bed before midnight, I actually woke up feeling refreshed.

Nights out

Going hand in hand with hangovers is, of course, nights out. I do love a night out, but I don’t actually MISS them. Rather than being out on the town on a Friday night, I’m much happier curled up under a blanket watching a film with Aeron and Cupar. I spend a lot less money, I don’t have to battle through crowds of people just to have a wee, and I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get home.

Hot chocolate

Quiet time

Call me weird if you like, but, I’ve never liked silence, and it’s not something I find myself wishing for. Maybe I’ve watched too many horror films, I don’t know, but I always like to have some sort of background noise on when I’m in the house, especially on my own.

Weirdly, I’ve always been able to work, relax, and even fall asleep easier when there’s a little bit of noise going on. I’m not talking 80s rock or a bit of dance blaring out of the radio when I’m tucked up in bed, that would just be silly, but more something that’s easy listening and gentle that I can switch off to.

Alone time

Obviously, a little bit of alone time is lovely for anyone, but I’ve found that if I have too much of it I really don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve always loved being around people, and when I’m on my own, I tend to get bored easily and end up procrastinating. I find I’m more motivated and energised when I’m in a crowd, so having a house full of people is perfect for me.

'Our family' sign
Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Going out without a pushchair

Seriously, pushchairs are the best invention ever! Someone said to me recently that I’ll be relieved when I don’t have to bring it out with me anymore, but honestly, I’ll miss having all that extra space! I love being able to have somewhere to put all the shopping and extra bits and pieces I like to take out with me.

Having to queue for the toilet

Why are the queues for women’s toilets always so long? I’ve never understood it. Men can be in and out within seconds, while we’re still standing there waiting.

One of the perks of having a little one, at least while they’re still in nappies, is that you can make use of the baby change rooms. A couple of the ones where I live have toilets in them, so I can take care of me and Cupar in no time at all while everybody else is still waiting!

Worrying about what I look like

D o you know what’s great about children? They don’t care what you look like. If you haven’t got any makeup on and you haven’t washed your hair in a week, they really don’t care, and that is a refreshing change for me. I used to wear make up before I was a Mum, and now I just don’t bother unless I’m going to work.

Feeling like I have to say yes

You know that feeling when someone invites you to a party or a get together that you REALLY don’t want to go, but you end up going just so that you don’t have to make up an excuse and hurt their feelings? Well, once you become a Mum, it gets a lot easier to say no, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

If you’d rather not go out, then just be honest. No one is going to think badly of you because you’re choosing to stay at home and be with the children, or you’re just too tired.

Staying up late

I’m ready for bed by around 9 pm most evenings now, which makes a change to the 2 am bedtimes I used to have. While I do miss staying up late, I don’t miss the way it used to make me feel, especially when I had work the next day.

I tend to go to bed when Cupar does now, because it’s easier, and I find I actually look forward to it. There’s nothing better than getting into bed knowing that you have a full 8 hours before you have to get up again.

A woman asleep in bed

Staying in bed until lunchtime

I never thought I would say this as I used to love a good lie-in, but I am definitely a morning person now. I love being able to get up and get started on the day without feeling like I’ve wasted the majority of it in bed.


Insomnia is one of those things that can really get you down. Sleep is so important, for many reasons, and if you’re not getting enough of it, you can end up feeling mentally and physically drained. I’ve suffered from it since I was about 18, and it’s been awful at times. I never really had trouble GETTING to sleep, it was the STAYING asleep that was the problem.

Well, becoming a Mum seems to have cured it for me. The only times I wake up during the night now are when Cupar wakes up, and it’s been a very welcome change.

What things do you miss, or not miss since becoming a Mum? Has anything surprised you?

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4 Replies to “11 Things I Definitely DON’T Miss Since Having A Baby”

  1. I don’t have a child so it’s very hard for me to imagine what this is like of course. I think one thing I’d miss would be my alone time – I’m something of a lone wolf my whole life and I love the sound of silence 😂 I think that would be something I’d miss. As for the others, I think I’d be good without them too! Great list and interesting read x

  2. Loved this! I have 4 kids, two are older (13 & 10) while the other two are younger (3 & 1). I love the sound of family around, energetic mornings, and all the acceptance and love <3 Great post!

  3. I don’t have a child but this was such an interesting angle. Everyone talks about what you give up so I was so curious to know what you had to say!

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