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Hey, I’m Amy, it’s lovely to meet you.

A man, woman and a baby smiling.  ABC Family.

I’m a Norfolk parenting and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for all things pink and sparkly! I can usually be found either engrossed in a book with a glass of wine in my hand or writing away on the blog or one of the many books I’m working on.

If you’d like to know more about what makes me tick, check out 21 Weird and Wonderful Facts about me, and 50 Things That Make Me Happy.

I set up ABC Family in January 2019 as a way to get all of my new Mum thoughts together. I’d just gone back to work after maternity leave, and after struggling quite a bit, I needed somewhere to write everything down that was on my mind. My aim was to share my experiences and advice with other new Mums who were just starting their journey into motherhood.

Since then the blog has evolved into The Busy Mum’s Guide To Life, and our purpose is to inspire and encourage other Mums and women to live the life that they crave, even when things get overwhelming.

If you love humour, self-care, and positivity, then you’ll feel at right at home here. The posts on this blog include book recommendations, self-care tips, and real life parenting stories. They’re designed with you in mind, to help you create your best life.

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