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9 Self Care Tips To Change The Way You Live Your Life

I have some amazing self care tips to share with you today that will inspire and motivate you to live your best life. Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes, and there’s no better person to turn to than YOU ♥

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When you think about self care, what do you see? A lazy day at the spa, a week on a tropical island drinking cocktails, or maybe a day of shopping and coffee with friends?

Did you know self care can actually be more simple than that? It can be as easy as reading a book, or sitting down to enjoy your morning cup of tea before you start your day.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Self care is all about looking after yourself and making yourself feel great.

You know yourself better than anybody else does. You know what makes you tick, you know what you like and you know what you don’t like! And most importantly of all, you always know just what it is that you can do to make yourself feel better.

Self care tips to nurture the mind and body

When life takes over, we can all too easily get stuck in a circle of get out of bed, go to work, come home and then collapse in front of the TV. And while there’s nothing wrong with chilling out and getting lost in a film or a show, it’s not something that we want to be doing all of the time.

As women, and especially as Mums, we tend to rush through the day at full speed without stopping to think about ourselves. We go and go and go until we eventually collapse on the sofa at the end of the day.

While it is good to relax, we do also need to think about ourselves every now and then. If we start to take the time to look after us and make sure that we’re OK, then we have more energy to look after our families and our little ones.

Even when you are running around at a million miles an hour all of the time, remember that there are still lots of little things that you can do to reconnect with yourself and nurture your mind and body.

With a little bit of self care, you’ll feel more able to take on your day with a positive mindset.

So here are 9 self care tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life:

Self care tips for the morning

What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you hit the snooze button, roll over and desperately try to get another 10 minutes of sleep? Do you drag yourself out of bed, avoid eye contact with everyone you bump into and pour yourself a big cup of coffee while stressing about the day ahead? Or do you jump up, whip the curtains open and run downstairs ready to start your day?

Whatever it is that you do, I’ll be willing to bet that everyone in your household is different, and I’m pretty sure that those of you who jump out of bed and whip the curtains open first thing are probably in the minority.

I tend to fall into the middle somewhere. I don’t HATE mornings, but I don’t love them either.

If it’s my day off work I’ll happily get up as soon as my little boy wakes me up, and start the day off feeling somewhat bright and cheery.

If it’s a workday, however, then I’m very much a snooze button kind of girl. Once I’m up and out of the house I’m ok, but it’s the getting up part that is the hard bit.

Whether you struggle or not, there are always things that you can do to start your mornings off on the right foot. The little things that will take you through your day with a spring in your step.

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First and foremost, I make sure I eat breakfast. It’s such a simple, but important step to take in your day.

I didn’t use to bother with breakfast and would just snack on crisps and bits throughout the morning, but now I make sure that I sit down and have something to eat before I leave the house.

I tend to stick to cereal because it’s nice and easy and it doesn’t take too long to prepare, but there are lots of other yummy options you can try too:

  • Toast
  • Pastries
  • Porridge
  • Fruit
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Pancakes

Foods that fill you up, and keep you going until lunchtime are always a good option – that way you’re not tempted to snack on things that aren’t very good for you.

Cold shower

This one isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it is a great little booster and will definitely wake you up in a hurry!

The only reason I have cold showers is because I dye my hair and I don’t want the colour to fade too quickly. Hot water is notorious for stripping that vibrancy out of hair colour.

Although I wasn’t too keen on a cold morning shower at first, and it has taken some getting used to, its slowly growing on me. It’s certainly a very refreshing way to start the day.

I definitely recommend that everyone tries it at least once!

A hot drink

I do like a nice hot coffee first thing in the morning, whether I’m at work or not. It’s my little bit of quiet time and a moment of calm before the craziness of the day starts.

If you’re not a coffee fan, then teas, herbal teas, and hot chocolate can all work really well as a mood booster.

There’s just something about curling your hands around a hot mug that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially in the cooler weather.

Choose your mood

When you first open your eyes in the morning, how do you feel?

I would probably guess that the answer is pretty neutral. You haven’t had a chance to encounter anything or anyone yet, and as such, your mood hasn’t been affected by anything (apart from your alarm going off).

In that moment before you’ve really woken up properly, you have the power, and the ability, to choose your mood.

Rather than starting the day stressed out and feeling hard done by because you’re the only person in the world awake at 6 am, try letting it go and start your day with a smile.

Have a stretch, clear your mind and choose to feel good. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

Self care tips to get you through the day

Whether you’re at work, or looking after the kids, don’t forget to think about yourself every now and then. Even when you’re busy, you can still fit a little bit of self care in to your day.

Audiobook or podcast

If you’re stuck doing a boring task during the day, why not stick an audiobook or podcast on and while away the hours?

The commute to work, sitting in the office on your own, doing housework or dealing with the weekly shop are all great opportunities to lose yourself in a book for half an hour.

Have some alone time

Whether you’re at work or at home, sometimes you just need 5 minutes to yourself to clear your head from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Traffic, computer screens, mobile phones, and being constantly on the go can all start to wear us down if we’re not careful.

5 minute breaks are easy to find time for because they’re not too short, and they’re not too long. If you have a 5 minute break while you’re at work, no one is likely to wonder what you’re doing and where you’ve gone. And if you have one at home, the kids won’t have enough time to wreck the house (maybe).

Try these quick 5 minute self care activities for some inspiration:

  • Make a hot drink – Giving yourself a break to make a hot drink can be a great way to recharge those batteries
  • Make use of your toilet breaks by taking the chance to splash some cold water on your face or practice some affirmations in the mirror
  • Step outside for a few breaths of fresh air

Self care tips for the evening

Evenings are actually the perfect time for a little bit of self care. The day time chores are over (mostly), the kids are in bed, and you have a few hours to yourself to concentrate on you.


Taking some time to reflect on your day can be a great little self care technique to incorporate into your evening routine.

Try to focus on the positive and happy things about your day, rather than the negative parts. Did you have a funny conversation with someone that made you laugh? Did you help out a stranger? Maybe you finally cracked potty training with your toddler.

Whatever your little wins were for the day, replay them in your head and remember why today was a good day.

You can do this on your own, with your partner, while you’re watching TV or even when your getting the kids to bed. Its the perfect self care technique for the times when you’ve got other things to do, or you just don’t have the energy.

Write in a journal

Writing in a journal can help you to make sense of your life, and help you to feel a bit more in control of your emotions and how you’re feeling. There are so many journaling options out there that there really is no excuse to give it a try.

A few journal ideas that you can explore are:

Read my How To Start a Journal guide here if you’re not sure where to start.

Planners and to do lists

I love planners and to do lists! I don’t actually think I could get through the day if I didn’t have some sort of plan or list written down.

I’m super forgetful, so I always set reminders on my phone, and make sure everything is written down so I know exactly what I’m doing.

Before you go to bed, take 10 minutes to write down what you need to do the next day. It really helps to clear your mind so that you don’t end up laying in bed with a million thoughts going round in your head.

Have a think about what it is that makes you feel happy, and what you can add into your day to day life to take some of the stresses away.

What do you do during the day to give yourself a boost? Do you have any self care tips to share?

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26 Replies to “9 Self Care Tips To Change The Way You Live Your Life”

  1. This is such a great post with so many fantastic ideas! Having a good breakfast is so important and really gives you a boost for the day ahead. I love your suggestion of starting each day with a smile, that is so positive. I also enjoying spending the end of the day reflecting in my bullet journal, it is such a lovely way to feel grateful for the day. Thank you for sharing, such an encouraging and positive post! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. Thanks for posting this. I like how you break it down by the time of day. Though, I can honestly say I’m not sure I’m on board with the cold shower.

  3. Cold shower first thing! Giiiiiiiirl, you’re tough as nails!
    Loving, “choose your mood”. So often we forget that our mood is a choice, not a preset.
    Thanks for the awesome post!

  4. Great ideas, apart from the cold shower… you can keep that one 🤣
    I always write in my journal and write 1 thing I’m proud of, grateful for and happy about. Phone reminders are my go to as well. I also drink a really healthy smoothie every day and meditate. Meditation really helps me control my anxiety and pain levels.

    1. I nearly added meditation to my list. It’s something I really need to start doing on a regular basis.

      Healthy smoothies are a great idea 😊 I might try that one.

  5. Such a lovely post with some brilliant ideas. I’m not a morning person at all, I very rarely eat breakfast either which is something I’d like to change in the next few months, like you said the best person to help is yourself!, I love the idea of a journal, I also find mediation really relaxing at the moment.

    Charlie | http://www.alittleglossy.com

    1. Meditation is something I need to start doing. I’ve heard a lot of people mention it lately and it seems like a great idea 😊

  6. Lots of great ideas here for self-care. I applaud you for the cold showers. Even when I had my hair dyed I couldn’t bring myself to take a cold shower, I would rather my dye job fade faster than suffer that. I find journaling is a great way to get some self-care in, whether it’s in the morning or evening when I feel the need to jot something down I do it. It’s surprising what can come out in this writing sprees and sometimes it shows how my mental health isn’t as good as I had thought it was, which forces me to make changes to improve it.

    1. I totally know what you mean about the journaling. Sometimes I think I’ve had a preetu good day, but when I start writing I realise I actually feel quite differently to how I thought I did!

  7. Choose your mood. Perfect tip. We have the power of Choice and the perfect way to start your day is with a positive attitude. Great post

    1. I need to try meditation, and going to bed earlier sounds like something I need to do more often!

    1. Thanks lovely. Definitely have a go. Even just doing one can make a difference to how you feel 😊

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