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11 Ways To Relax Your Mind When You’re Super Stressed

When you’re stressed, finding ways to relax your mind can be hard. Even when you do get a break and sit down for 5 minutes, you can all too often find that you just can’t switch off. If you’ve ever had days like this, then you’re not alone – I feel you! Read on for 11 quick and easy ways to relax your mind.

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Finding ways to relax doesn’t need to be hard

You know that feeling when you sit down to have a bit of time for yourself, after everyone else has gone to bed, and you just can’t relax? We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s bills, money, kids, homework, or even the current situation going round in your head, it can be hard to switch off sometimes.

The constant clutter of thoughts that crowd your mind can make it impossible to just sit and enjoy the silence every once in a while. And, actually, sometimes we can even feel bad for wanting to relax when there is so much else we could, and should, be doing.

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Did you know there are ways to relax even if you’re busy?

When you’re having ‘one of those days’ you can find yourself thinking things like, I really shouldn’t be sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee when the washing up needs to be done, or I really shouldn’t be watching a film when there’s laundry to be put away, or even, I definitely shouldn’t be chilling out with a glass of wine when the bathroom needs a clean.

And do you know what? Life and all of its lovely little distractions can wait. Sometimes we just need to chill the f*ck out and take some time for ourselves.

But, as we all know, stopping that mess of thoughts from popping up every time we sit down is the hard part.

So, how can we distract our minds and find ways to relax?

Have a look at these 11 tips, and see if you can find one that works for you:


Reading is the ultimate escape for so many people. If you have the time, you can sit down for a good few hours and get totally lost in a book. When you find a good one, you can feel like you’re actually there, living the lives of the characters and playing out their world.

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Watch a film

If you’re not a book person, then watching a film can give you those same feelings of escape. Turn the lights down, grab your favourite blanket, and get stuck in. You’ll feel so much better for having a break for a little while.

Also, the good thing about watching a film rather than reading a book is that you can do it with the whole family and all escape together!

Listen to music and dance

When the music is loud, you’ll find it hard to think. So turn it up and dance your cares away!

This is another one that you can do with the whole family, and that you can all enjoy together. Plus, you also get the added bonus of a workout thrown in there too. What could be better than that hey?


If you’re a writer, then there are two things you can try here. The first one is just simply, to write. Write about anything and everything that comes into your head. Journal, write a poem, write a story, write anything as long as it distracts your mind.

You could even try adding a little challenge into the mix and setting yourself a number of words to get through, or a time limit to stick to.

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Turn your thoughts into a story

The second one is to write a story.

When you’re mind is full and you just can’t seem to escape it, why not use it to your advantage? Invent a character and turn your cluttered mind into a story for them. Create a world, and take your character on an adventure, while also working through whatever it is that you have going on.

Give your character the same problems that you’re dealing with, and see how they react.

Draw or colour

If you’re a bit of an artist, then why not unravel that mind and turn it into a drawing. Draw everything that comes into your head and turn it into one big masterpiece.

If all you can manage to draw is a stickman and a tree (like me), then grab an adult colouring book and colour away. Tip – Kids colouring books work just as well.

Concentrate on the picture and let your imagination flow.

Try The Mindfulness Colouring Book if you’re looking for a good one.


This one isn’t for everyone, but it will work for some. Go on a cleaning spree in the house and forget about everything for a little while. You could even mix this one in with reading or listening to music too.

Get your phone loaded up with tunes or books, get the headphones out and listen to something while you tackle the house.

Learn a new hobby

Learning a new hobby can be an amazing way to distract your mind. Because you’ll be concentrating so much on whatever it is that you’re learning, there won’t be room in your head for anything else.

Some hobbies you could try are knitting, sewing, making cards, making jewellery or painting. Get the materials out, put a YouTube video on, and get creative.

Take an online course

There are so many online courses out there at the moment just waiting to be discovered. If you have something you want to learn, then there will be a course for it I’m sure.

Check out Teachable, and Udemy for some inspiration to see what’s on offer.


Meditating can be really beneficial if you’re in the right mood for it. I do struggle a bit with it, especially when I have a lot going on, but Aeron raves about it.

One thing I’ve found that really helps me to clear my mind is to play out a little scenario in my head. The one I usually do is to close my eyes and imagine myself in a dark room. Every time a thought pops into my head, I imagine it in a thought bubble, pick it out of the air, and squeeze it so that it disappears. You’ll find that the more you do this, the more the thoughts slow down, and eventually it’s just you in the room. It’s a great way to relax your body and mind and just breathe.

Another scenario, that someone once told me about is to imagine that you’re in a boat on a slow moving river with leaves floating past you. Whenever a thought pops into your head, pick it up, put it on one of the leaves, and then gently push it away and watch it float past.

It can be hard to meditate, but once you do it a few times, it gets easier. Just make sure you don’t have any distractions around you.

Go for a walk

Have you ever gone for a walk just to go for a walk? Like a walk with no agenda and no reason. Literally just a walk for the sake of walking?

If you haven’t, then I suggest you try it and see how you get on.

Find a nice quiet area and take a slow stroll. Absorb your surroundings and take everything in. Listen to the different sounds, notice the different smells, look around you, and take some photos of anything that interests you.

If you’re used to driving, then you’ll be amazed at what you can find when you’re walking. You’ll see and discover things that you didn’t even know were there!

Clear that clutter

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How did you get on? Did you find any ways to relax that looked interesting? Let me know if anything worked for you.

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16 Replies to “11 Ways To Relax Your Mind When You’re Super Stressed”

  1. These are great ideas! I love colouring or watching Netlfix when I need to relax, but also feel so refreshed after a good cleaning or decluttering session too. Great tips.

  2. Reading and watching films are great ways to relax. I love doing these things to help especially with so much chaos and confusion in the world at the moment. It provides me a little time to not think about the world and just focus on what I’m reading or watching. IT takes me away from reality and I’m able to relax more when this happens. I’ve been going for more walks recently to and being out in nature has added a sense of calm over me that really helps me fall asleep too. I try to go for a walk just before I go to bed and listen to the birds.
    This is a great and helpful post and I agree with all the things you’ve added to your post.

    1. Ah, I’m glad you found it helpful 😊 I agree about being in nature. There’s something so calming about listening to birds and watching insects flying around 💜 I love it.

  3. These are great ways to relax. My current favourite is to read in the bath, just shut the door and completely switch off. Usually with a face mask on and a sneaky gin.

    It is so important, especially at the moment to make time to unwind x

    1. Wow, a bath, facemask, and gin! Sounds like the perfect combo of self care to me 🙂 I may be trying this tonight! x

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