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What We’re Reading This Month | May 2020

Have you ever had a clear out, and then rediscovered things that you’d forgotten you even had?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this month. I’ve been rearranging the house, and in doing so, have moved all of my books from their home in the spare room to some brand new shelves downstairs.

With my books now proudly on display, it means that I can catch up on reading, or dip in and out of ones that look interesting. Honestly, it feels like I have a new book collection to pour over, and I’m loving it!

Here are the books that we’ve been reading and loving this month

Fallen – Lauren Kate

I love the Fallen series.

If you’re looking for some easy to read fiction with a dark edge, then I’d definitely recommend giving these a go. There are four books in the main series, and they can easily be read over a few weeks.

The books are geared towards young adult fiction but as both me and my Mum couldn’t put them down, I’d say that any age group can enjoy them.

They’re dark, romantic, and full of fantasy, which to me, is a winning formula for a book!

If you’re looking for a new lockdown read, you can check out the four books in the series here: Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Rapture

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

You only have to have a quick look at Goodreads to see that this book has everyone very divided over whether they actually like it or not!

As with Fallen, it’s another dark fantasy love story, but once you delve into it, you realise that the two are definitely very different. I haven’t read too much of this book, but I like it so far, so I’m not sure why the views are so divided.

The book has an interesting and original story, which is based around a circus that only comes out at night, and of course, the obligatory love story thrown in too.

It has a very magical, starry night kind of vibe to it, so for me, it’s the perfect book to curl up in the evening to read, rather than a sunny afternoon in the garden.

The cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous, which is maybe why so many people are drawn to it and then decide that it’s not for them. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that!

If you fancy giving it a go for yourself (and I think you should), you can check it out here

The Lilac Bus – Maeve Binchy

No, it’s not another dark, fantasy love story, don’t worry!

I bought The Lilac Bus about 10 years ago on a bit of a whim. I saw it online, read the back, and was immediately reminded of a story that my Mum had told me years before about her teenage years. So with that in mind, I obviously had to buy it.

The Lilac Bus is a book about the lives of 7 people that use the same bus every Friday night to travel home, and of course, each of them has hidden lives that the others don’t know about.

It’s a short, easy read that would be perfect to devour with a bottle of wine on a warm evening in the garden.

Check it out here

Oi Cat! – Kes Gray

Cupar loves all the Oi books, but this month he’s been obsessed with Oi Cat. He loves looking at the pictures and seeing what words rhyme with the different animals.

I’m not actually very good at reading these books out loud because they’re a bit like tongue twisters sometimes, but it’s always fun having a go.

Check it out here if you fancy having a fun read with the kids ♥

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury

This book is my childhood, and I’m so pleased that Cupar has a copy. My Dad used to read it to me and my brother when we were little, and I loved it.

Cupar gets so excited when he spots it on his bookshelf, and we always have to read it at least 5 times once he’s picked it up. If you have a toddler, I’d recommend getting the board book version, because it’s a lot easier for little hands to manage, and it doesn’t get ripped or drawn on either!!

Check it out here

Feet of Clay – Terry Pratchett

Aeron is now on book 19 of the Discworld series!

He tends to listen to his audiobooks when he’s cooking and will shut himself away in the kitchen for about an hour before coming out with an amazing meal for all of us.

He will sometimes put an audiobook on when we go to bed, but he always misses it because he’s usually snoring away within 5 minutes.

As I said last month, the Discworld series is surprisingly easy to read. The books are short and sweet, and certainly, pack a lot in. They’re great books to dip in and out of too, because they work equally as well as a series, as they do as standalone books.

Check out Feet of Clay here

I hope you managed to get some inspiration for your next read from this little collection of books. If you’ve read any of them before, let me know what you thought below.

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20 Replies to “What We’re Reading This Month | May 2020”

  1. I haven’t read any of these, I have heard quite a bit of good things about The Night Circus and it’s a book I hope to read at some point.. But I must say, you do have some good sounding books lined up for the month.

    1. Fallen is the only one I’ve read before, so I’m really looking forward to reading the others 😊

  2. There are some excellent suggestions here. I’ll need to add a few to my ever growing reading list.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. The Night Circus is on my list too! It sounds so good and I’m so glad to have seen it on your list. Happy reading x

  4. Ah I love a book recommendation! I can’t wait to read the night circus – only problem is that I’ve lost my copy somewhere in the house! Boo. Feet of clay is one of my all time favourite books – I almost read my copy to death as a teenager! Thanks for sharing 💖
    Toni x

  5. I love this idea of doing a TBR for the whole family – so cute!!! I used to love Kes Gray as a kid, I was obsessed with his Nelly the monster sitter books!!!! Great post xxxx

    1. I’d never heard of kes gray before we got the Oi books. I’ll have to check out his others 😊

  6. Some great suggestions here! I remember reading the fallen series years ago and really like it. I haven’t heard of the Oí series before, I’ll have to investigate it for Theodore!
    Rachael x

  7. Aah the Night Circus is such a good book!! I read it about a year ago and I really liked it:) It’s so mystical and whimsical at the same time! x

    1. Oh no, how can you hate fallen?! 😂 It is a bit ‘Twilight’, so I think you have to like that sort of book to really enjoy it.

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