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Our favourite bedtime stories

Evocative memories are created in those magical bedtime stories that stay with us forever; lingering somewhere in our adult consciousness are traces of childhood that we never lose. – The Icenian

Bedtime stories are the epitome of childhood for me. The cold, dark nights where you were all snuggled up in bed, listening to your favourite story as you drifted off to sleep, dreams of dinosaurs and spaceships floating into your head. The books that made you smile, the books that made you jump, and the books that you just wanted to read over and over again. Bedtime stories are magical, and every child should experience them.

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A favourite for me growing up was We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I still remember my Dad reading it to us and feeling scared that there could be a bear outside waiting for us to find it!

I try to read to Cupar every night. Sometimes he’s too tired and falls asleep as soon as he gets into bed, and sometimes he just wants to play with his fire engines, but most of the time we manage it. I always let Cupar choose the book, and we tend to stick to the same 5 because he enjoys listening to them again and again. There are a couple of them that I can actually read without looking at now!

If you’re in need of some inspiration for bedtime reading with your little ones then have a look at our 5 favourite bedtime stories:

The Silent Owl

I absolutely love this book, and it’s by far my favourite one that we read. I picked it up about a year ago when I was out with my mum, and straight away it became a staple bedtime read. We read this one the most, and sometimes we even read it 5 times in a row! I’m going to need to buy a new copy soon though, because ours has been well used and has more and more bits missing from the pages all the time.

The silent owl
The Silent Owl – Click above to buy on Amazon

Everybunny Dance

This one is another firm favourite of ours. I found it when we went to bounce and rhyme at our local library, and Cupar loved it straight away. He loves anything to do with rabbits or hares, so he always gets excited when we read this. It’s a great book to do some actions to, and Cupar always dances when we read it! My Mum has a copy too, so Cupar always gets to read it when he goes over there.

Everybunny dance
Everybunny Dance – Click to buy on Amazon

The Detective Dog

I’ve talked about this book before in my Reading Adventures series and it’s still one of our top bedtime reads. This book is a little bit longer than the others, so we don’t usually get all the way through it, but we always have fun looking at the pictures. The illustrations are lovely, and Cupar always likes pointing out different things on the pages

The detective dog
The Detective Dog – Click above to buy on Amazon

Oi Frog

Oi Frog is one of Aeron’s favourites to read with Cupar, especially in a cockney accent! It’s a very funny book and has some lovely colourful pictures to look at. We see this one in the library quite a lot, and Cupar always picks it up to read it. I try to read it, but it’s a bit of a tongue twister for me!

Oi frog
Oi Frog – Click above to buy on Amazon

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Everybody loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar! This wonderful, classic always makes Cupar smile. His favourite bits are the fruit and the butterfly, so he always flips to those pages first. I’ve got the game on my phone, so quite often we’ll read the book and play the game at the same time.

The very hungry caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Click above to buy on Amazon

What are your favourite bedtime stories to read with your little ones?

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