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The Missing Moon Book Review

When I was contacted by Clever Champs to review their book The Missing Moon recently, I almost jumped out of my seat. Cupar loves books and having just started learning to read, I felt that this was a great opportunity to add something new to his book collection.

And The Missing Moon isn’t just any ordinary book, it’s a personalised book!

This is the boys first personalised book, and having fond memories of a similar book when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to add it to their bookshelf.

The missing moon opening
The smile when he saw his name!

What is The Missing Moon?

The Missing Moon is a wonderful tale all about a child/children and their missing moon.

The story is really lovely and takes you through a space adventure where the children spend a night searching for the moon. As the adventure unfolds we learn about the different planets in our solor system, including their names and what they look like.

Cupar’s favourite planet was Neptune and my favourite was little Pluto.

All of the planets have their own faces and personalities, and they’re created in a way that will be appealing to young children while also helping them to learn about the universe and what it all means.

How to order

The Missing Moon was super easy to order.  The Clever Champs website is very user friendly and you can order the book in no time at all.

The website takes you through the different steps of choosing the characters names, hair, eye and skin colour and also how to add a personalised message to the first page.

You can choose to have either one or two characters in the book which is really nice. For our book I chose to have both the boys star in the adventure even though Caspar is only 7 months old!

Once you’ve completed all of the character steps, you can then add your address and wait for the book to arrive. It’s that simple!

The book

The Missing Moon is a gorgeous book. It’s really well made and the paper is of high quality. As long as my 7 month old doesn’t start chewing on it then it’s definitely going to be a book to stand the test of time and one that will be on our bookshelf for years to come.

The colours are bright and vivid, the artwork is lovely and every page has a rhyme on it.

As well as being visually appealing to children, the book also takes them on a learning journey and helps them to understand their world a bit better in a fun and engaging way.

The result

We had a lot of fun opening this book. Cupar smiled straight away when he saw his name on the cover and Caspar just loved all of the bright colours.

It was SO difficult to get a good picture with both of the boys reading it, as I’m sure any Mum of more than one child will understand, but we did get some good ones.

Cupar has been asking to read this book most nights and he loves waiting for his favourite planet to come up.

As you can see, Cupar and Caspar were both captivated by it and loved looking through the pictures together.

If you’re looking for a special gift for your children, then this book is definitely going to be a winner. It would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift and the personalised message on the front page just adds to the unique feel of it.

Have you read The Missing Moon? Let me know what you think.

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