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Fox’s Socks – A Children’s Book Review

This month we’re reading and recommending the fabulous Fox’s Socks book. It was created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and was first published in 2000. I hadn’t seen this book before we got it, so it was nice to have a completely new one for me to read and discover at the same time as Cupar.

Getting involved in the story

As with Dear Zoo, Fox’s Socks is a lift the flap book. Cupar seems to be really enjoying these at the moment and loves being able to get stuck in and interact with the book. We got this book when Cupar was about 14 months old and he was able to appreciate it straight away. There are lots of pictures to look at, flaps to lift up and a lovely rhyming storyline to follow along with. Fox’s Socks seems to be about the right length for a 1 year old to enjoy without being too long or wordy. There are 12 pages in total and 6 of them have the flaps on, so there is plenty to look at and play with.

Fox's socks book - reading together

The premise of this story is a fox that has lost his socks. Throughout the book, we follow fox on his adventures around the house as he tries to find his lost socks. The writing is engaging, but not too long. There are only a couple of lines on each page that make it perfect for a toddler to read without getting too bored halfway through. Everything rhymes and flows well together, so its good for keeping children’s attention and helping them to stay focused on the story. Fox’s Socks contains a lot of descriptive words to help you find fox’s socks. Some children may recognise these already, so it’s perfect for building vocabulary.

Why we like it

One of the great things about this book is the illustrations. The pages aren’t too big but they pack a lot in, with the pictures being very involved. There are a lot of everyday items dotted about, like an umbrella and a fireplace, which children can have fun naming, or even finding in their own home. There is also a mouse that appears on every page and helps fox look for his socks. Cupar has fun finding the mouse and pointing him out, which adds an extra bit of interaction to the story.

Summary of Fox’s Socks

  • A lift the flap book with an engaging storyline
  • 12 pages in total, 6 of which have flaps on
  • Lovely involved illustrations that promote discovery and vocabulary building

Overall I think Fox’s Socks is a fun, involving book that will keep children entertained however many times they read it. The writing, story, and illustrations go well together and leave you wanting to open the flaps to see what you can find.

Reading Fox's socks book

I hope you enjoy reading Fox’s Socks as much as we did, and if you have any suggestions for future books, please let me know in the comments below. Let’s share the love of reading and help our children to become bookworms for life.

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