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Reading Adventures Book Club – The Detective Dog

Welcome to the Reading Adventures Book Club. In this new monthly series, I’m going to be hunting out, reviewing and sharing the children’s books that we all know and love, in the hopes of inspiring other families out there to put the screens away, get the books out, and start their own reading adventures

The Detective Dog book cover
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The Detective Dog

The book we’re reading and recommending this month is The Detective Dog. It was created by Julia Donaldson and Sara Ogilvie and was first published in 2016. This was another new book for us and after picking it up on a whim, we fell in love with it straight away. It’s from the author of The Gruffalo, so in Cupar’s eyes, it was bound to be a good one!

The story

The Detective Dog is Cupar’s first proper story book. The books we usually read have more pictures than words, and tend to be either touchy feely or lift the flap, so when we saw this one, we picked it up straight away as we thought it’d be nice to try something a bit different. It’s a longer book than the ones we usually read, but it has more of a storyline to it, so it’s a bit more involving.

A baby reading The Detective Dog

We got The Detective Dog when Cupar was about 12 months old and he seems to enjoy it more and more the older he gets. The book seems to be about the right length for an 18 month old to enjoy with it’s engaging storyline, and wonderfully involved illustrations. The book has 30 pages in total, and although there’s a good amount of reading involved, it isn’t too long. Everything ryhmes right through to the end, so it’s a great book for reading aloud together. Accompanying the playful writing are some lovely illustrations featuring a lot of detail that children are going to love. Cupar has fun looking for different items on the pages and pointing them out to us.

Why we like it

This is Cupar’s go to book for bedtime reading, so we tend to keep it next to his bed. It’s just the right length for a bedtime story as it’s not too long or too short, so children won’t get bored. With the ryhming and easy to follow story, it seems to be a great book for relaxing and listening along to.

This is one of Cupar’s favourite books, because he’s found it really fun to ‘sniff’ along with Nell. The detective dog likes to sniff out different scents when she’s solving a crime, and Cupar loves to copy her. Whenever we ask him what a dog does, he goes ‘sniff sniff sniff’. I love books that capture children’s imaginations like this, and The Detective Dog does it really well.

A baby reading The Detective Dog
Cupar sniffing along with the detective dog


  • A perfect book for a bedtime story
  • 30 pages, 23 with words
  • Lovely detailed illustrations

Overall, this is a lovely book to read with a toddler. It’s fun, easy to read and even promotes reading and the library. What could be better than that?

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we did, and if you have any suggestions for future books, please let me know in the comments below. Let’s share the love of reading and help our children to become bookworms for life.

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