6 month old routine

6 Month Old Routine – Full 24 Hour Day in the Life

It’s official. I have a 6 month old. And my gosh has it gone quickly this time around. We’re well and truly into the 6 month old routine now and we’re loving every minute of it (almost).

I felt like I’d only just got used to the newborn days again, and now I’ve found myself juggling a very active baby and a crazy 4 year old. Life certainly is hectic!

So what exactly do you do with a 6 month old all day? And what does a 6 month old routine look like?

Well, at 6 months old babies are at the age where they’re rolling, moving, and even, dare I say it, crawling. They’re not the put them on the playmat and run off to make lunch babies anymore.

These babies need constant watching.

And with all of these new found skills, just how do babies sleep at this age?

Keep reading for a full 24 hours in the life of our youngest family member. Right from his first wake up of the night, to when he goes to bed in the evening.

This 24 hours was a bit of an unusual one for us as our 4 year old had an afternoon nap (which he doesn’t usually do), and then of course had a very late bedtime. And Caspar followed suit.

But nevertheless, these things happen and we adapt to them.

Here is a day in the life of a 6 month old, starring the very adorable Caspar.

6 month old routine early hours and morning

Morning play time

2.20 am – Up for feeding and nappy change. Back to sleep quite easily
4.50 am – Up for feeding. Back to sleep quite easily
7 am – Up for the day
7.30 am – Breastfeeding
7.30 am – 8.30 am – Play time and trying to grab all of his big brothers toys
8.30 am – Breastfeeding
8.46 am – 9.50 am – Nap time (Nap times vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours!)
10 am – Playtime
10.45 am – Snack time, and today’s snack is a pear! He hasn’t tried it before and it went down very well
11.05 am – Get dressed (I tend to wait until after breakfast/snack time as he gets so messy)
11.10 am – Breastfeeding
11.15 am – Play time

As you can see, we usually have a couple of night wake ups and an early start. I don’t get much sleep, but after 2 kids, I’m used to it and it doesn’t really bother me too much.

Caspar tends to have a nap around 2 hours after waking up which is quite handy. It means I can clear away all of the breakfast things and then spend some one on one time with the older kiddo.

Breastfeeding is usually every couple of hours during the day, but can vary between 1 and 4 hours. He seems to be a ‘snacker’, which means he likes it little and often.

Now that Caspar’s a bit older, he loves to play with his big brother. And when I say play, what he actually does is crawl up to him, grab his toys and put them straight in his mouth. Cupar is slowly learning to share.

6 month old routine afternoon

We got all the toys out!

12.10 pm – After an hour of play time Caspar had a meltdown when he got his fingers stuck in Cupar’s play tongs from his kitchen. That meant nap time was here
12.20 pm – Breastfeeding
12.30 pm – 1 pm – Nap time
1 pm – 1.30 pm – More play time
1.30 pm – Breastfeeding
1.30 pm – 4 pm – On this particular day I had to take Cupar to the dentist, so Caspar had two and a half hours of Daddy time. They mostly watched Star Trek and slept
4 pm – Breastfeeding
4 pm – 4.30 pm – Playtime, snack time and an outfit change
4.30 pm – Reading time with both boys
4.45 pm – 5.30 pm – Play time

Our afternoons are usually pretty fun. Caspar sometimes has another nap around lunchtime depending on how long his morning nap was. Apart from the nap, afternoons are play time and reading time. It’s really lovely to see the boys starting to bond.

6 month old routine evening

Trying mashed potato for dinner

5.30 pm – Breastfeeding
5.35 pm – Cupar has now fallen asleep on the sofa, so me and Caspar have some quiet time and cuddles
6.30 pm – 7.30 pm – Breastfeeding and nap
7.30 pm – A very late dinner tonight!

We usually all have dinner together around 5.30 pm/6 pm and then do bedtime at 7.30 pm, but the boys had other ideas today!

6 month old routine bedtime

We have a tummy sleeper!

8 pm – Daddy takes Cupar up to bed and I feed Caspar
8.15 pm – Play time
9 pm – Cupar gets up and comes downstairs
10.15 pm – Daddy takes Cupar back upstairs, I feed Caspar and get him to sleep

Caspar usually goes to sleep for the night anywhere between 8 pm and 11 pm. When Cupar goes up to bed I’ll change Caspar into his pajamas, have a little bit of quiet time with him and then get him to sleep.

He still fits in the moses basket, so I’ll put him in there in the living room for a couple of hours until I go up to bed. When I go up I’ll dream feed him if he’s stirring, or leave him alone if he isn’t.

I’ll then read a book and get a few hours of sleep before he has his first wake up of the night.

Is a 6 month old routine the same every day?

Our routine is generally the same every day. We sometimes have those days where things change (like the one above), but more often than not it’s pretty consistent.

Our play time activities usually follow what Cupar wants to do. Sometimes we’ll have the Toot Toot set out, sometimes it’s the building blocks and sometimes it’s the play kitchen. The boys play together pretty well, and Caspar enjoys doing anything that his big brother is doing.

Follow your baby’s lead

Every baby is different, and every 6 month old routine will vary. The most important things to focus on at this age are nap times and play time. If you can get a good nap routine down then it makes your day so much easier.

What does your 6 month old routine look like?

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    1. Oh they really do don’t they? I’d forgotten what the crawling stage was like! I’m constantly on my feet at the moment stopping him from getting into cuoboards etc.

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