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21 Weird & Wonderful Facts About Me

Have you ever started reading someone’s blog, and then quickly found yourself wondering who the person behind the words is? What they look like, what makes them tick, and who they are?

When you watch a video or listen to a podcast, you can immediately tell (for the most part) what someone is like. With a blog, it can sometimes be hard to achieve that. Unless you write a lot of super personal posts and add a lot of images of yourself, it can be hard to show the real you.

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and a half now, and I haven’t really introduced myself or said much about me as a person. I talk about what I like, but I don’t talk about who I am, and what makes me, well, me.

So I figured it’d be a nice idea to get a bit personal and give you an insight into my life.

Here are 21 random facts about me – Enjoy!

I once Met Jimmy Carr – and totally blew it

About 15 years ago, I went to see Jimmy Carr at the theatre. It was a great show, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I jumped at the chance to go up to the bar to meet him afterwards. Standing patiently in line, my head was filled with hours of witty, intelligent, and interesting conversations we were going to have.

Finally, my turn rolled around, and I walked up to him. He shook my hand and said hello with a big smile. I froze. I said hello, then said hello again. And that was literally all I could manage!! I was totally starstruck, and I’ve been kicking myself about it ever since. We live and learn hey?

I used to be a goth

Black hair, black lipstick, and a snakebite and black in my hand while bouncing my head to The Murder Dolls was how I spent most of my 20s. I was a proper goth and I loved it.

I’ve always loved to dye my hair

My hair is naturally a dark blonde, but ever since I was about 14, I’ve dyed it one colour or another. So far I’ve had it pink, black, red, purple, bleach blonde, and a mixture of all of the above. The only colours I haven’t tried are blue and green – and I’m planning on giving them a go soon ♥

I’m obsessed with piercings and tattoos

I have been obsessed with piercings and tattoos ever since I was a teenager. I’ve got multiple ear piercings, my belly button, and nose done, and a lot more that I’d like to add to the mix in the not too distant future.

As for tattoos, I have one, but I’ve planned out at least another five. If only they weren’t so expensive!

I adore Edgar Allen Poe

You can see the goth side of me coming out now, can’t you? I am in love with Edgar Allen Poe. I think he’s amazing, and if I could ever go back in time, I’d want to meet him. One of the tattoos I’m planning to get is a quote from Annabel Lee.

I’m lazy … Very, very lazy

I am seriously the laziest person I know. If I had a choice of walking or driving to the shops at the end of the road, I’d drive! That’s how bad I am. But, once I get out and get walking I’m actually alright. I think it’s more the thought of walking than actually doing it that bothers me.

I believe in ghosts

Has anyone else actually seen a ghost? I have (well, I think I have), and more than one at that. I tend to feel uneasy in certain places, which includes some of the houses I’ve lived in, and they’re always the ones that I have weird experiences in.

I am a BIG horror film fan

I’ve always been a horror film fan and given a choice, I’ll always choose horror over any other genre. My particular favourites are Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and IT. I do prefer the older films to the newer ones. There’s just something about Freddy or Michael Myers that really freaks me out.

50s music rocks my socks

I have a big soft spot for 50s music. It’s the music my dad grew up with, and I think listening to it during my childhood has rubbed off on me. Buddy Holly is a favourite of mine as well as The Everly Brothers and Fats Domino.

I once had a near-death experience with a concrete post

When I was around 15/16, I was walking my usual route into town. I’d just come off the road and was making my way down to the river, which is a nice little short cut away from the traffic.

I noticed there was a bit of work going on and some workmen were building a wall, but I didn’t really take too much notice of it. Before I knew it one of the workmen started screaming at me at the top of his voice to run over to him. Panicking, I turned around and ran just as a big concrete post fell and crashed to the ground right where I’d been walking.

I think about it every time I go past there now, and it always scares me. The wall is a lot taller than me, it must be 7ft tall, and the concrete posts are quite hefty. If it hadn’t killed me, it definitely would have done a lot of damage!

I have to set 2-3 alarms (sometimes more) before I can get up

I told you I was lazy didn’t I?! I’ve always had to set at least 2 alarms, sometimes 5 just so that I can get up on time. I set them 10 minutes apart, and it just means that I can wake up a little bit slower. I have 3 set at the moment.

I feel incredibly awkward in summer clothes

I’ve got no idea why, but I hate getting my arms and legs out in the summer. I would much rather wear jeans and a woolly jumper all year round, but obviously that would be silly. So I pretty much spend the whole summer in a horrible state of awkwardness until I can get the winter clothes out again.

I always try to avoid the number 13

I’m not particularly superstitious, but I do suffer from mild OCD. My fear of the number 13 is so bad that I can’t have the volume on the tv or the radio at 13, I can’t stop reading a book on page 13, I can’t keep 13 tabs open on the internet on my phone, and actually, writing the number 13 constantly right now is making me feel quite on edge!!

I can’t sleep on planes, in cars, on trains etc

I’m lazy and I love my sleep, but I just can’t sleep on any mode of transport! I once flew on an overnight flight from Las Vegas to London, and I just couldn’t sleep! I was desperately tired, but I just couldn’t face it. I’m the same in cars, on buses and on trains.

I have a phobia of wasps

Honestly, I have a proper phobia of wasps. My brother has called it an irrational fear in the past. I think it stems from the wasp’s nest we had in our attic when I was growing up. My bedroom was the closest to the attic hatch, and at the time there wasn’t a door on there. I woke up a couple of times with a wasp in the bed with me, and one even stung me on the bum!

I’d find them under my school bags, on the floor and they’d wake me up buzzing behind the curtains. It was a scary time!

I can’t sleep with my feet or arms out of the duvet

This may be a result of my horror movie obsession, but I just can’t have my arms or legs outside of the duvet while I’m getting to sleep. I always worry that something or someone will grab me in the night and pull me under the bed into the abyss!

I’ve always hated Sundays

Sundays are the worst day of the week for me, even when I don’t have work the next day. I’ve always hated them, and I’m guessing it comes from when I was at school.

I’ve had a wide range of pets

I’ve had pets ever since I was born. I love animals, and I’ve had quite a wide range of them over the years. I’ve had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, fish, birds, a rabbit, hamsters, and even a gecko (who we have now).

One of my favourites was the 2 rats that me and my brother had. They were surprisingly tame and friendly, and so much fun.

I used to want to be an air hostess

This was my dream job when I was at school. I wanted to be an air hostess and travel the world. My teacher told me that if I wanted to do it I’d have to learn to smile more. Thanks!

I love to travel

I didn’t actually go on holiday for the first time until I was about 14, but since then, I’ve loved to travel. I’ve been to America, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, and there are so many more places I’d love to go to.

I’d actually really love to start a family travel section on the blog.

I have an obligatory drunk story

Everyone has one of these, don’t they? And to end this post, I thought I’d tell you about the one that still makes me cringe even now.

About 8 years ago, I was on a work night out with the whole office. Having not worked at the company for very long, I was a little bit nervous. I decided to have some wine to help me relax a bit, and then try and join in with some of the conversations and get to know people a bit.

Obviously, I ended up having too much wine, and what made this evident was when I stood up and managed to knock about 50 empty glasses and bottles off the two tables near me before ending up on the floor myself.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I ended the night by sitting outside the club and throwing up down my coat sleeves as I was trying to disguise the fact that I felt sick. I was wearing the coat at the time and my poor Mum had to clean it for me when I got home!

Now it’s your turn! Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments, and help me to feel a bit less weird!

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16 Replies to “21 Weird & Wonderful Facts About Me”

    1. They really are 😊 I can’t wait until my little boy is old enough to watch them with me 😊

  1. Great post, I love getting to know the person behind the blog. It is so true that we can be a bit faceless from writing a blog compared to vlogs etc

    The concrete block story :O you were so lucky that he spotted it! Must have been pretty scary x

    1. It’s weird because I didn’t really think too much about it at the time. I just thought, wow, that was lucky. But thinking back, I feel scared about what could have happened!

    1. Ah, glad you liked it 🙂 I love reading these sorts of posts about other people, so I had to give it a go myself.

  2. Haha, I can’t sleep on any moving vehicles either, especially planes! 😀 I feel like every time I even rest my eyes on a plane it starts to shake and rattle. So, no closing my eyes on a flight! I’m also a travel-lover, so much so that when the lockdown ended here I immediately started booking holidays around Europe. Even though the one travel experience I’ve already had wasn’t pleasant at all. But hey, we gotta hope for the best, right? 😉

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. We have 😊 I’m tempted to start looking into holidays again, though I’m still quite nervous about travelling at the moment! I’d really love to go to France next summer, so I might start planning that.

  3. Ahh love these! I also believe in ghosts and am a HUGE horror movie fan! It’s my favourite genre – so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! I used to be a grunger and a emo. I never went full goth but I think we’d have been great friends haha!

    1. I’d check out Veronica if you haven’t seen it. It’s in Spanish with subtitles, but really good. I don’t usually watch foreign/subtitle films, but my brother recommended it, so I gave it a go. Also 1408 is a good one too 😊 and Would You Rather is worth a look for something a little bit different.

      I used to love the emo look. I always tried to do the big hair with the side fringe, but it never worked on my hair! So frustrating 😂

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