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What We Love | January 2020

January is notorious for being a bit of a depressing month. Christmas is over, the weather is colder than ever, and those dark mornings just seem to be dragging on and on.

To help us combat the January blues, let’s take a look back at all of the little positives that we’ve enjoyed this month.

Hair dye

I dyed my hair just before Christmas with a colour that I hadn’t tried before, and I’m seriously loving it! It’s called Pure Purple by Schwarzkopf Live, and it’s turned my hair the most gorgeous pinky red colour.

Pure purple by schwarzkopf live hair dye

I actually picked it up on a whim while I was looking for something else, and I’m so glad I got this one instead.

I’ll definitely be keeping this colour for a while, and in fact, I already have another bottle in the cupboard so I can do my roots and freshen it up in time for my birthday in a few weeks.

I love all the Live hair colours, and if you’re looking for a dramatic change, I would definitely recommend checking them out.


For some reason, I have been totally obsessed with crumpets lately! They’re perfect to pop in my bag and take to work with me, Cupar likes them, and they go with almost anything (though I do prefer them on their own with just a little bit of butter).

They’re a great little snack, and they’re so cheap too! I picked up 9 for around 50p in Asda today.


Lego was always one of my favourite toys when I was growing up. Me and my brother had a whole box full and we’d sit and play with it for hours, making cars and buses to drive around the living room.

Aeron has been wanting Cupar to have some lego for a while, so this month we got him the Lego City magazine which has a free gift on the front, and also a couple of little Lego City sets.

Aeron had fun putting them together, and Cupar had fun playing with them afterwards!

Walks in the rain

Cupar loves the rain, and he loves being outside in the rain (weird boy) I, on the other hand, don’t love being out in the rain. But I do what any other Mum would do and make the best of it for Cupar, and actually, I am starting to enjoy it!

Honestly, Cupar wouldn’t care if he was soaked through and knee deep in puddles. He’d still be happy.

Letters and numbers

I love it when Cupar learns something new, and this month has been all about letters and numbers. Everywhere we go he points out the things he can see. Shop signs, billboards, road markings – everything.

He’s got some building blocks with letters on and also some magnetic letters and he’s been having so much fun playing with them. He can’t spell any words yet, but he can recognise his own name and also Mummy and Daddy, which is just so lovely.

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What are you loving this January? Has anything brightened up your month?

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