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That Bit Between Christmas And New Year – The Mum Diaries #1

Hey lovelies! Welcome to a brand new mini series called The Mum Diaries. This series is going to be all about our life as a family of 3 and what we get up to during the week.  To start off the series I thought I would share the story of the Christmas Eve tantrum. Let’s see who can relate.

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Christmas Eve.  My favourite day of the whole year.  The day that brings joy and warm festive feelings to everyone.  Well, almost everyone.

Our Christmas Eve started quite well this year.  Me and Cupar got up and had breakfast, opened the advent calendars and had a little play.  We then got dressed and got ready to go out.  I had some last minute Christmas shopping to do, which due to a late pay day, I hadn’t been able to do online.

I hadn’t been out shopping since the first lockdown in March, so I was feeling quite excited.

The first part of our shopping trip went well and Cupar really enjoyed being out somewhere different again.  We haven’t been much further than the park lately, so it was nice to have a bit of a walk.

After getting some shopping done, we stopped off for lunch in a nice little cafe where we bumped into my Mum and brother. Cupar got to see his little cousin, and everything was as festive as it could be in the middle of a pandemic.

After lunch, we quickly moved on to the second part of the shopping trip, when suddenly, like a tornado coming in, everything changed.

In last minute shopping mode I whisked Cupar off to my favourite department store to pick up some presents for my Dad.  As we were walking through the food section Cupar noticed a display of hundreds of tiny little bottles of alcohol. You can kind of see where this is going can’t you?

I’ll have to admit, the display was impressive.

Filled with lots of different colours, shapes and patterns, it looked like a magical playground to a 2 year old.

Panicking a bit, I tried my best to distract Cupar and move him past the breakables. But he was transfixed. Staring in awe, his little hands reached out for the bottles and he tried to pick one up.

In my head, I saw the whole display falling over and the manager chasing after me with a 5 thousand pound bill. I told Cupar he couldn’t play with the bottles and started to walk away.

Well that was a mistake. This had obviously ruined his whole day because he immediately exploded into the biggest tantrum I have ever seen him have in a shop.

Throwing himself on the floor, he started screaming, crying and refusing to move.  I tried to pick him up, but he flung his arms up in the air so quickly that he ended up right back on the floor again.

Just to the right of where we were standing was a wine bar which was filled with people enjoying a Christmas Eve drink before carrying on with their shopping.  Also there were cash registers in front of us and behind us, and I could feel peoples eyes on me.

Before I had children, I would have given the same disapproving looks at a moment like this. Standing there all smug thinking why can’t she control her childWhy can’t she just pick him up and put him in the pushchairWhy can’t she stop him screaming?

Well, now that I’m a Mum, I’ve realised that it’s not as simple as other people may think it is.

10 hours later, I finally managed to get Cupar to stand up. Hooray. I gently walked him into the book section because I figured that it would be a bit quieter there.

Just as we got half way down an aisle, Cupar threw himself on the floor again.

I looked up and saw a man standing in front of us.

‘ Do you want me to move? ‘ He said quietly. 

I looked at Cupar, then back at the man and said

‘Well, I’m not going anywhere quickly this afternoon am I, so no rush ‘.

He then looked at Cupar again and said

‘ Don’t worry mate, I’d do the same if I could. I hate shopping ‘

My face must have said it all because he then said

‘ In all seriousness, do you want any help? ‘

Before I could answer him, a lovely staff member came up and asked if Cupar wanted a chocolate from the staff chocolate stash.  On hearing the word chocolate, Cupar looked up, red faced and smiled for the first time in ages.

The man that had been willing to help just seconds ago held his hands up while muttering ‘ He’s not my child ‘ and swiftly ran away.

Willing to try anything, I unwrapped the chocolate and gave it to Cupar.

Before the lady could say don’t put it all in your mouth at once, Cupar put the chocolate all in his mouth at once.  He stood there looking at us with chocolaty dribble running down his chin.

The lovely lady whos name I didn’t get, will never know how grateful I was for that perfectly wrapped purple chocolate that ended the worst tantrum in the history of tantrums.

Another staff member then appeared and said ‘ Don’t worry, I went through the same with my children, don’t feel embarrassed ‘.

Not wanting to cause any more of a scene, I said my thanks, and quickly steered Cupar to the baby change room before he realised that the chocolate had just been a ploy to get him to stop screaming.

Once in there, I locked the door, sat down and breathed a sigh of relief. Me and Cupar had a cuddle, composed ourselves and then got on with the rest of our day.

After that Cupar was so much better, and sat sleepily in his pushchair while I carried on shopping.   He’s slowly started dropping his naps lately, and I think that’s what caused the tantrum.  He was tired, but couldn’t sleep because there was too much going on around him.

2020 will always be a Christmas Eve that I won’t forget, for many reasons!

Christmas Day

Ah, Christmas Day 2020 style.

Christmas Day was nice, albeit a bit weird.  We went to my parents and just had a nice chilled out day.  We didn’t have all the fun and festivities that we usually have, because we didn’t have the usual people there, but we made the best of it (even though my Mum forgot the crackers which nearly resulted in me having a tantrum).

Christmas Day will always be a bit weird in the middle of a pandemic anyway, but I’m so grateful that I got to see my family, as I know a lot of people didn’t this year.

In a strange turn of events, Cupar had a 3 and a half hour nap and missed Christmas dinner. He’d obviously worn himself out the day before, and needed the sleep. But I do wish that he’d had the long nap on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, but toddlers will be toddlers.

That bit between Christmas and New Year

And now we’re stuck in that bit between Christmas and New Year that always feels like it will last forever.

I love this part of the year, but I do feel like we’ve been super lazy this week.

As I mentioned before, we’re now in tier 4, so it’s not like we can do anything anyway.  But I do feel like we should do something.

It’s Aerons birthday on New Years Eve, so I’m thinking about taking us all for a walk in the woods providing the weather is ok. But until then, I will make sure I enjoy the chill out time, and try to finish those mince pies before 2021. Is anyone else still trying to get through theirs?!


The next Mum Diaries will be written in the new year when I’m back at work, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’m not too optimistic, but you never know.  As soon as that clock ticks over into the new year, the virus might disappear and I might land a well paid freelance writing job so I can work from home.  Gotta have some dreams right?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, however you celebrated it, and are looking forward to a (hopefully) better 2021.

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6 Replies to “That Bit Between Christmas And New Year – The Mum Diaries #1”

  1. I went into tier 4 in the Christmas new years gap too so I feel exactly the same! Really excited to see what happens in 2021 for your blog! X

    1. Thank you 😊 My blog kind of took a back seat in 2020 with everything that was going on, but I’m ready to really make a go of it this year. Positive vibes for 2021!

  2. I loved reading this post. It’s so true that you don’t know the days inbetween Christmas and New Year but with the way 2020 was I didn’t have a clue what day it was 90% of the time. I was also the same as you with not shopping since before March. I’ve done everything online to try and ease the anxiety.

    Let’s pray for a better and more positive year x

  3. Oh geez, I don’t know how I will deal with my kids’ tantrums one day. I’ll probably have my own little tantrum – and try to out-tantrum them (Should I mention that I’m super competitive?) Just kidding 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (

    1. I did actually consider doing that! Haha. But somehow (I still don’t know how) I actually managed to keep pretty calm 🙂

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