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New Month, New Goals | February 2020

Is it just me, or did January seem to last forever?! Christmas seems like such a distant memory now that it may as well have happened 6 months ago! (and yes, I do still miss Christmas).

But before I start reminiscing too much, let’s talk about February! February is the best month of the year for me because it’s my birthday month, and it rounds off the end of the winter perfectly.

It’s a bit of a chill out, in between month which is quite refreshing. The craziness of December and January are behind us, and we now have time to stop and think for a little while before Spring gets here.

As January was quite a busy month in terms of goals and blogging, I’m going to try and slow down a bit in February and just concentrate on the stuff I need to get done.

Before we set some new goals, let’s first have a quick look at what I managed to achieve in January

  • Me time – Mostly achieved
  • Get outside more – Achieved
  • Make the most of my days off – Achieved
  • Don’t stress over the little things – No, no, and no…
  • Learn to cook – Starting to achieve
  • Have a blogging schedule/be consistent – Achieved
  • Learn SEO – Starting to achieve (It’s a long process)

Out of my 7 goals for January, I managed to achieve 6 of them, so I count that as a win. It’s good to start the year off on a motivational high, and I’m hoping I can carry that feeling on into February.

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Now to set some brand new goals to kick off my birthday month ♥

  • Read a book – I haven’t managed to sit down and read a book since I was pregnant two years ago. I listen to audiobooks all the time, but I miss curling up and getting lost in a good book
  • Start spring cleaning – Honestly, we have so much stuff in the house, and it’s beginning to get a bit crowded in here! I need to get organised and start getting rid of the stuff we don’t use or need
  • Start a holiday fund – I NEED a holiday this year. I’m going to try to start putting some money away each month, and then see where we end up. Hawaii here we come (I wish)
  • Write down my freelancing plans and put them into action – I would love ♥ to work from home as a freelancer/blogger, but if I don’t start making plans, then it will never happen! (Check out my work with me page…)
  • Have a night away on my own with Cupar – We’re only going to Grandmas, but it will be a fun experience, and it will be Cupar’s first night away from home

I know we’re only just into February, but I’m looking forward to planning my March goals already. The weather will hopefully be warmer, the days will be a bit longer, and it will be the start of a new season.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks of winter and keep my fingers crossed for some snow before the month is up.

What are your goals for February? Is there anything you want to achieve before Spring arrives?

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6 Replies to “New Month, New Goals | February 2020”

  1. These are some awesome goals! I love setting goals at the beginning of the month. My goal for the month is to SAVE MONEY. Buy only necessities…we’ll see how that goes LOL. Good luck with yours 🙂

    1. I was planning on only buying necessities too, but I’ve already spent more than I wanted to lol. Good luck with yours too 🙂

  2. i agree SEO seems to be something that i’ll always be learning – whats your best tip so far?

    i want to get my blogging schedule sorted for Feb

    1. I think proper keyword research is the one that’s made the biggest difference for me. I try to spend time looking up what people are searching for and what they need help with, and then tailoring my posts around that.

  3. Great job hitting so many of January’s goals! SEO does take quite a while to learn, but once you get it down it makes a huge difference. You have a wonderful mix of goals for this month. I love that you include reading a book among them, that’s one of my favorite things to do.

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