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New Month, New Goals | May 2020

Well first of all, can you believe that spring is almost over? It seems so strange that it was a season that I was looking forward to, but it’s now one that I’m happy to see the back of. It’s definitely been a weird start to the year, and I’m sure one that none of us were expecting.

As I’m sure is the case with a lot of people, I let things get to me way too much in March. I finished the month with half a point from my goals list which is pretty poor, but I wasn’t really in the mood for ticking things off the old goals list!

For some reason though, I suddenly became a lot more productive in April.

I was so productive that I managed to achieve 5 out of my 5 goals for the month! Go me!

Here’s a little recap of the goals I set for April:

  • Start a yoga routine – Achieved, although I need to work on this a bit more and turn it into a habit rather than an ‘as and when’
  • Write a short story – Achieved, and I will post it soon
  • Clear out the kitchen cupboards – Achieved, and I didn’t just clear out the kitchen cupboards, I cleared out the whole house!!!
  • Start a podcast – I’ve made a start. I’m going to get a few more episodes together before I do anything with them
  • Exercise – I managed to get a lot more exercise than I did in March, and I feel much better for it too.

Well, I’m pretty proud of that 🙂

Having more time at home has been a positive and has helped me to see life a bit differently. It’s been nice to slow down a bit and do the things that I want to do rather than the things that I feel like I should be doing.

It’s been a welcome change, and rather than fight the lockdown, I’ve decided to embrace it.

As a side note, I currently have my monthly goals planner as a free download for newsletter subscribers. If you want a copy and want to receive newsletters, make sure you grab it while it’s there.

Right, let’s get started on some new goals, shall we?

As with last month, my goals for May are going to be centred around being at home as we’re still not back to ‘normal’ life just yet.

Here are my May goals:

  • Have a clothes clear out (Me, Aeron and Cupar) – I did have a clear out recently, but we still seem to have so much that we just don’t wear
  • Tackle the spare room – Remember when I said I cleared out the whole house? I lied. I didn’t do the spare room! The spare room has been my dumping ground for the things that I didn’t know what to do with during my clear out, and it now desperately needs some love!
  • Work on the freelancing side of things – I got 2 clients this month which I am super happy about and can’t quite believe. It’s motivated me to work a bit harder and try and get some more
  • Do some work in the garden – I’ve been getting so fed up with our garden lately. It’s small, overgrown, and is not planned out well at all! So this month I’d like to try and make it look a bit prettier
  • Do a youtube video – This one will be a little bit difficult because I don’t have the proper camera equipment, BUT, I’m going to give it a go. I really want to add a video to my Things You Need For A Newborn post because I feel like it could benefit from one, so I’ll do it and see how it turns out

I’m hoping the nicer weather that May will (hopefully) bring will make us all feel a bit better. Some sunshine, even if we just enjoy it from our gardens, will be lovely ♥

What are your goals for May? Do you have anything that you want to achieve before the summer gets here?

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