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What We Love | April 2020

April has been another long month, and it’s definitely been a change from what we’d usually be doing during spring!

With the UK lockdown still in full swing, things have certainly been up and down at times, but, I’ve embraced the extra time at home and have actually had quite a productive few weeks.

With lots of time at home and nowhere to go, I’ve managed to accomplish a few things around the house that I’ve had on my ‘to do’ list for a while.

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Spring cleaning

Being at home with no plans has been GREAT for spring cleaning.

I’ve managed to make a start all of the little jobs around the house that I’ve been wanting to do for ages but that were stuck on my rainy day someday list.

I’ve been working my way through just about every room and have prepared a lot of stuff for either throwing away or donating. I’ve also had a bit of a rearrange of furniture to try and make better use of the space we’ve got.

I’ve made 2 book corners, started decorating the bathroom, had a general tidy up, and even set up a cleaning schedule so that I can keep on top of things.

It’s made so much difference to how I feel already, and I’m not even finished yet. Having a tidy house really does do wonders for your mood and mental wellbeing.


Pinterest has been my best friend lately! As well as giving me a big increase in blog traffic and helping my design skills, it’s also given me so much inspiration for the house!

If I have an idea or want some organisation tips, the first place I’ll go to is Pinterest. The home decor section is amazing, and I’ve already planned out exactly how I want to decorate every room in the house.

As well as home decor, I’ve also found some great kid’s activities and craft ideas on there too which I’m excited about trying out with Cupar.

Click here to follow me and have a look at what I’ve found.

Point Horror

As I was on my spring cleaning frenzy, I found all of my old Point Horror books hiding away in the spare room. I’d forgotten how much I loved these when I was younger, and they’re now proudly displayed in the dining room in one of my book corners.

I can’t wait to start reading them again. My favourite one has always been The Train. I must have read it at least 100000 times, and it never gets boring.

I’m going to introduce Cupar to them when he’s older, and hopefully, he’ll love them as much as I do.

Point horror books

Scented candles

I am loving my scented candles at the moment. Since I’ve been sorting out and tidying the house, I’ve been putting all my home decor bits out on display, including my collection of candles. The Yankee Candles are always a winner for me, and I’ve already got more on my Amazon wishlist that I want to get!

Cupar loves them too and is constantly walking around the house smelling them. He pretends to drink them too, so that shows how good they smell.

Bacon sandwiches

We have been obsessed with bacon sandwiches this month, which is definitely not a bad thing!! As we’ve been at home together more it means that we get to have lunch as a family every day, which is lovely.

Aeron’s go-to lunch is a bacon sandwich, so we’ve been indulging ourselves a bit more than we probably should have. You can’t beat a good bacon sandwich though for a little treat, especially with brown sauce.

Am I making you hungry yet?!

Afternoon naps

Why is it that when you have a lazy day, you feel more tired than you do when you’ve been busy?

This month I’ve been treating myself and have been enjoying some afternoon naps with Cupar. It’s been lovely to curl up on the sofa and have a break without feeling guilty about it.

Quiet weekends in bed

There are good parts and there are bad parts to lockdown, and one of the good parts is that with the pubs being shut, the streets have been a LOT quieter at the weekends.

I’m usually in bed by 11 pm on a Friday and a Saturday night, and with at least 4 pubs within walking distance of our house, it can get quite noisy when I’m trying to sleep! Lately, though, I’ve been able to lay in bed and just enjoy the silence!

Obviously it’s a shame that the pubs are shut and that people aren’t able to go out and socialise at the weekends, but I’m more than happy to make the most of the quiet evenings for a little bit longer.

What did you love about April? Did anything make you smile?

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18 Replies to “What We Love | April 2020”

  1. Can’t beat a lovely scented candle!!

    I’ve been doing lots of spring cleaning during the lockdown and it always makes me feel better.

    1. I’ve got so many I was struggling to find places to put them all 😂

      Spring cleaning is great for boosting your mood isn’t 😊

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy but nice April! I have been loving the sunshine, it has definitely helped me be a bit more productive and definitely brightened my mood! Pinterest is fab at the moment, isn’t it? Brilliant at driving traffic but also giving inspiration too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. Ah, it really is. I LOVE Pinterest 😊 the problem is, I spend way too much time on there when I should be doing other stuff!! 😂

  3. I just LOVE candles, especially nature scents! I have really been enjoying gardening, family movie nights, hot baths, and taking the time to write and be creative.

  4. Ooo bacon buttys, been having too many of them myself. We’ve attempted spring cleaning but it’s more become sorting our daughters bedrooms out. I keep looking at Pinterest but find it so confusing on how to add your content so I keep giving up.

    Seems like you have had a very productive April, keep it up.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one having too many bacon butties 😊

      If you want to give Pinterest a proper go, there are various people on twitter who are amazing at using it for blogging – or send me a message and I’ll help you out 😊

  5. This was so nice to read! I’ve been working so hard I haven’t had time to rediscover things I once loved or partake in hobbies so this post is inspiring me to take a break and reconnect. Thank you!

    1. Oh definitely take a break, I’m sure you deserve it 😊 We all need to slow down every now and then 😊

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

  6. I’ve been loving spring cleaning, exercising more, and good scented candles too! There are some positives to all this down time. Thanks for sharing such a positive post!

    1. Ah, thank you for the lovely comment 💜 Glad I’m not the only one that’s loving spring cleaning!

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