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What We Love | March 2020

Well, March has been the longest and craziest month that I’m sure any of us have ever had! It’s a far cry from February, but we still managed to have a few little smiley moments.

There hasn’t been too much to love about March, but I’ve picked out our best bits to hopefully spread a little bit of positivity out there ♥

New bedding

I’d been counting down the days until payday all month, and luckily, I managed to get Cupar some super cute new bedsheets just before the shops closed.

I did have my eye on some lego themed ones, but with everything that has been going on, I didn’t want to risk going to too many shops. I managed to find some lovely bee themed sheets with a matching pillowcase at George – Asda, and me and Cupar are totally in love with them.

Bees and honeycomb on bedding

They’re reversible too, so you get bees on one side and honeycomb on the other side. Great for celebrating the start of Spring!

A toddler reading a book

Where’s Wally books

I had a Where’s Wally book when I was younger which me and my brother were obsessed with, and I couldn’t wait to get one for Cupar. I picked one up in a charity shop a couple of months ago and borrowed one from the library recently, so we’ve currently got 2 that we’re reading.

Cupar has really started to take an interest in them this week, and he loves sitting down and hunting Wally out with me.

A toddler reading Where's Wally

I’m planning on collecting the whole set, which is probably more for me than it is for Cupar!

Journal/Diary writing

As I’ve had a busy start to the year, I’ve been neglecting my diary a little bit, but in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started writing in it every day again.

I started writing daily because I wanted to keep a record of everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, and how I feel about it all, and I’ve found that it’s really helped me.

I usually write in the evenings, and it’s nice to have somewhere to get all of my thoughts and feelings out before I go to bed. I mentioned in my update post that I’ve had a bit of anxiety lately, and I’ve found that writing has helped me so much with that.

Disney +

We originally signed up for Disney + as a birthday present for Cupar, and I am so glad that we did. We have definitely made use of it this week, and it’s been such a great distraction from everything else that is going on.


I am so grateful for technology right now. Streaming services, news apps, social media, and video messaging have all been amazing and have allowed me to feel somewhat normal and connected in this crazy world.

What little positives did you discover in March?

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