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What We Love | February 2020

February is just about over, and what a busy month its been! We’ve had a new baby in the family, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and some lovely days out in between the storms. I honestly feel like we haven’t stopped, but I do like being busy.

Let’s take a look back at all the things we’ve been enjoying this month:

Strawberries and cream Baileys

My friend got me a bottle of strawberries and cream Baileys for my birthday, and it’s the nicest drink I’ve tried in ages!

Obviously, it’s great on its own, but it also goes really well with coffee too. I was a little bit surprised, but it’s definitely something I’ll have again. The only bad thing about Baileys is that its way too easy to drink, so it doesn’t last for too long!


I have been obsessed with coffee lately. I’ve never been a big hot drink fan, but since having Cupar and dealing with way too many sleepless nights, I’ve needed a little pick me up in the mornings.

As well as the Baileys, my lovely friend also got me two new coffees to try in gingerbread and mulled wine flavours. I haven’t tried the mulled wine one yet, but the gingerbread one is amazing and very yummy 🙂


I wrote about loving lego last month, and this month we’ve gone and expanded our collection. We picked up a couple more lego city sets, and we also got a big box from Aeron’s Mum. Aeron was very excited to bring it home and stayed up until 2 am sorting it all out into different boxes.

The next day, he showed Cupar, who decided that he was far more interested in the box that it came in than the actual lego itself.

So now his favourite thing to do in the evenings is to sit in his new box with his giant fox (I’m sure there’s a children’s story in there somewhere).


I’ve been sorting out the living room this month (finally) and have been looking for some little home decor pieces to complete the look. I spent hours searching the shops and couldn’t find what I wanted until I looked on Etsy… This website has everything I wanted, and more!

I love handmade and unusual pieces, so Etsy is perfect for me, and I like supporting independent sellers too.

I was even inspired to open my own shop. I’ve only got a couple of printables in there at the moment, but I’m planning on adding more planners, journal pages and wall art soon.

Cosy evenings in

With the storms that we’ve had lately, there has been nothing better than enjoying a cosy evening in. This has to be my favourite thing about winter, so I’ve been making the most of it before the warmer weather and lighter evenings get here.

Learning to talk

Cupar is pretty much on the verge of talking now, and it’s so exciting. He’s been experimenting with a lot of different sounds, and he gets so happy when he realises that we’re starting to understand him.

He can do animal sounds now too which is so funny. So far he can do a cow, a pig, a dog, a cat, a frog, and a fish.


This year, Cupar got to make his own pancakes (with a little help from Grandma).

A toddler making pancakes

We also had American style pancakes made by Aeron in the evening which were lovely. We had them with golden syrup and squirty cream, and they’re our new favourite dessert 🙂

How did your February go? Did you do anything fun?

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4 Replies to “What We Love | February 2020”

  1. Ahhh Lego, my house has started to look like a Lego Museum we have so much of the stuff. It draws you in and hooks you. I do enjoy building it with my kids though.

    1. It really does lol. We love it, but it is really starting to take over now. But, like you, I do enjoy building things with my little boy 🙂

  2. What a lovely round up for the month of love.

    The baileys sounds yummy. I too am a bit coffee obsessed at the moment! Certainly makes the mornings easier to cope with!

    February was a good month for us, the last week in particular has been a real highlight x

    1. Ah, glad you had a good month as well 🙂 It’s always nice to have a positive start to the year, isn’t it? x

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