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Birthday Celebration + Birthday Gift Haul

As it was my birthday last weekend, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of a personal post and talk about family life, and also to show you some of the goodies I was treated to, because, who doesn’t love a gift haul?!

Birthday thoughts

I always get so excited about my birthday. Growing up, my family always made them into a big deal, and that feeling of being special for the day has stuck with me ever since. We even used to have a ‘birthday chair’ in the kitchen which was decorated with lights and sparkly things. When it was your birthday, you’d get to sit right at the head of the table and feel like a princess (or prince) for the day.

We don’t have the birthday chair anymore (I’m not even sure what happened to it), but it’s still one of my favourite memories from my childhood.

Shopping & an ice cream truck made of lego

Luckily, my birthday was on a Saturday this year. When it’s on a weekday I’ll book the day off work anyway, but it was nice to have the day off when everyone else was off work too. I hate working on my birthday, so it was really nice to have a bit of a lie-in and start the day feeling relaxed.

Me and Aeron had planned to take Cupar to Redwings for a day out, but as the weather was far from great, we decided to do a spot of shopping instead and stay warm. As it was my birthday, Aeron was going to treat me to something, but after having a bit of a wander around I couldn’t really see anything I wanted. Cupar was getting a bit restless, so we ended up in a toy shop and I decided to use the money Aeron was going to spend on me on a lego set for Cupar instead.

We chose an ice cream truck, and honestly, building the lego with Cupar and seeing him happy was the best birthday present ever.

Dinner & a baby

We then had a quick stop at home for an hour, which was just enough time to put the lego together and let Cupar have a nap before we were off out again, this time to my parent’s house for homemade spaghetti bolognese. It’s been my favourite meal for as long as I can remember, and my Mum jumped at the chance to make it.

We also were joined by my brother, sister-in-law and their new 2 week old baby boy who is absolutely gorgeous.

A man, a toddler and a baby

This was the first time Cupar had met him, and I don’t think he really knew what to make of him. He did have a look and try to take him off my brother at one point, but to be honest he was more interested in his toys!! I’m looking forward to this time next year when they’ll be running around playing with the toys together.

We lost track of time a little bit and didn’t end up getting home until past 10 pm!! But all in all, it was a lovely birthday and I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better day ♥

Birthday gift haul

I love seeing other people’s birthday and Christmas gift hauls, because I find they’re always good for a bit of inspiration.  It’s fun to see what other people get, and what they like, so I thought I’d share mine too.

Birthday gift haul, an Imperial candle and Quiet by Fearne Cotton

Aeron’s Mum got me an Imperial candle, and Aeron got me Quiet by Fearne Cotton, both of which I’ve wanted for a while. I’m going to post a review of the Imperial candle in about 6261583 years when it’s burnt down. These candles are amazing, but I’m so impatient waiting to see what’s inside.

Birthday gift haul, Moods of Motherhood, chocolates and Harry Potter purse

My Mum got me Moods of Motherhood by Lucy H Pearce, some chocolates and an amazing Harry Potter purse. I’d never heard of Moods of Motherhood before, but I can’t wait to curl up with a glass of wine and give it a read.

Birthday gift haul, Hardys wine and a pink water bottle

I got a gorgeous pink water bottle from my Dad which I’ve been waiting for for ages, and a bottle of my all time favourite wine – Hardys.

I spend so much money on drinks when I’m out and about, so this water bottle is perfect. It fits in the changing bag and is big enough to last for a whole outing.

Birthday gift haul, A crash bandicoot model

My brother gave me a Crash Bandicoot figure/model which has pride of place on the cabinet in the dining room. I have always been a MASSIVE Crash Bandicoot fan. I used spend hours on it with my brother when we were younger, getting frustrated because I couldn’t get past level 2… Ah, the days of the Playstation 1!

2019 was a rough year in a lot of ways, so to have such a lovely start to 2020 has been the boost that I needed.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday post and birthday gift haul. If anyone has tried an Imperial candle before, let me know what you got inside. I’ve never had one before, so I’m not sure what to expect!

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6 Replies to “Birthday Celebration + Birthday Gift Haul”

  1. Belated Birthday wishes! I absolutely love the ‘Birthday chair’ idea! Maybe it’s something you could re-introduce so it becomes a part of Cupar’s childhood memories too? (With a different chair obs lol).
    My favs out the pressies are the pink water bottle and also Fearne Cottons book as that is on my reading list.
    Glad you enjoyed your day x

    1. Oooh, I might do that 🙂 I did use to love the birthday chair. It gives me a good excuse to go out and find a nice new chair too 🙂

      I can’t wait to start Fearne Cottons book. I need to get the others now to complete the collection!

  2. Looks like you got some great gifts. I have a similar waterbottle to that one and love it. It’s a go-to for when I’m hiking because it seals tightly, so I don’t have to worry about if it happens to fall over in my hiking pack.

  3. It looks like that new water bottle could fit that entire bottle of wine… just saying. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I love your new Harry Potter wallet! My snap button on my mind just broke and I think I need to start looking for another one 😭 I’m also very very interested as to what “dreamy unicorn” smells like. 🤔 Happy birthday!! 🥳

    1. Hmm, now there’s an idea… A sneaky way to carry a bottle of wine around with me lol.

      Dreamy unicorn smells very sweet, almost like I’ve just opened a bag of sweets!! It is lovely though 🙂

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