What We Love | April 2022

It’s almost May and summer is on the horizon. I can feel the warm sunshine and taste the chips at the seaside already!

April proved to be a busy and somewhat stressful month for us, but we still had lots of little highlights that definitely kept us going!

Here’s what we loved in April

Saucy sauce

I discovered Saucy Sauce on a recent dash around Asda with my oldest. Always up for trying new things, I picked it up and chucked it in the trolley.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting with it, but oh my gosh I am never going back to any other sauce! This stuff is amazing!

Easter chocolate

We certainly enjoyed our Easter chocolate this year. The boys were treated to an Easter egg hunt at the grandparents where they each got an Easter basket and about 5 chocolate eggs each! Cupar also had a big chocolate egg from us and one from his other Grandma.

Caspar didn’t manage to eat all of his eggs as he’s only 6 months old, but he had a little taste and loved it. In fact, it was quite hard to get the chocolate away from him.

The park

Now that we’re finally getting some warmer weather we’ve been venturing out to the park again. Both kids love going and it’s been lovely getting some much needed fresh air.

We’re lucky to have quite a few parks around us within walking distance and we always make use of them.

The big bed

After finally getting Cupar settled in his own bed and keeping up with a regular bedtime routine, he’s now ended up back in The Big Bed.

I’m not sure why, but every bed time he’ll ask to go in our bed, and we usually say yes. We’re in the process of doing up the boys bedroom, so I think he’ll feel better when he’s got a bigger room and he can share it with his brother.


The sunshine has definitely been a welcome treat this month. It’s been unusually warm which has been lovely and has meant that we’ve been able to get out and about a lot.

As well as our park trips, we’ve also started Geocaching and we’ve even been to the beach!

Forest school

I started taking Cupar to forest school a couple of months ago. With all the lockdowns and children’s groups being shut, he’s missed out on a lot over the last 2 years and he really needed to be around other children.

Since we’ve been going I’ve really noticed a change in him. He’s come out of his shell a lot and is learning how to play and interact with other little ones.

We had a break over Easter for 2 weeks and he was so happy to get back there again.


I’ve been watching Seinfeld on Netflix this month.

I was first introduced to it way back in the 90s when my Mum and Dad used to watch it, so I thought I’d give it another go as an adult.

I’d forgotten how good it is. Just about every episode has made me laugh so far (and not just for the 90s fashion).

It’s a bit like Friends in that nothing really happens, it’s just people living their lives, but it’s such a good show. And so relatable to real life too.

Oh and of course, Kramer is my favourite character (Isn’t he everyone’s?).


Me and Cupar found an amazing book called Starpuff on one of our Asda jaunts. He picked it up as soon as he saw it and put it in the trolley. I actually ended up putting it back on the shelf due to the fact that he has a million books at home already.

Anyway, he talked about this book DAILY for about 2 weeks, and I finally decided to surprise him with it. He reads it every day now.

It is such a sweet story and definitely worth a look.


I am so glad I discovered Vinted.

Cupar is going through  a bit of a growth spurt and rapidly growing out of his clothes. I’ve had a look in a few shops for some new things, but as children grow out of the toddler stage, clothes start to get more and more expensive.

You can grab some real bargains on Vinted. I bought 2 long sleeve tops, 2 knitted jumpers and 7 pairs of trousers for a fraction of the price that I’d pay for new.

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What did you love this month?

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