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New Month New Goals | May 2022

May is here, and that means that it’s time to get motivated again and do some planning.

Can you believe it’s new goals time already? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was writing out my April goals, and now we’re already into a new month. As I said in yesterday’s post which was all about what we love, April proved to be a busy and somewhat stressful month for us! But, I still managed to get a lot done.

April for me was all about spring cleaning and getting organised and it looks like May is going to follow the same pattern. I’m forever organising, but I do feel like I’m actually starting to get somewhere now.

Looking back at April

And speaking of April goals, lets have a look back at what I had planned and what I managed to get done:

  • Clean the radiators – This goal didn’t get done because the spare room/playroom kind of took over!
  • Clean the windows inside and outside – As above
  • Declutter and sell stuff – I made a start, so this one is a win
  • Home school – This month our homeschooling was all about learning to read. Cupar is coming along so well and I’m so proud
  • Plan days out – I planned and I achieved!
  • Read – I actually finished a book. Making time to read this month has been amazing for me

I achieved 4 out of my 6 goals this month and I’m more than happy with that. The first 2 goals had to be sidelined, but I did do a lot of other cleaning in the house, so I’m not too worried.

May goals

And now onto my May goals. Keeping with the theme for April, I have a few cleaning/organisation goals (because everyone loves a good organising session don’t they?), and also a few goals that are centered around me.

  • Read – I’m adding this one to the list again because I just love reading. I’ve just finished Dracula, and I already have my eye on a few other books to get started on. I can’t decide between Frankenstein, Shadowseer: London and The Boy In Her Dreams. All look really good. If anybody has read any, let me know what you recommend
  • Haircut – I badly need a haircut! I haven’t had a proper one in years because I just do it myself, but I feel like I really do need to get it done professionally now to tidy it up. It always gets to a length where it just irritates me, and it’s there now.
  • Eat healthily – I’m very lucky that I have a fast metabolism and don’t seem to put on any weight, but it also means that I sometimes eat very unhealthy just because I can. I eat way too many biscuits, pizzas and chocolate and I feel like I need to step away from the bad things!
  • Blog regularly (1/2 posts a week) – I’ve settled into a pretty good blogging routine lately. Once the kids are asleep around 8 pm, I get on the laptop and get down to work. I’m really enjoying blogging again, and I’m aiming to post 1 – 2 x a week this month. I have so many ideas for blog posts and I really want to get them all out there.
  • Take both little ones to groups – Since having Caspar, I haven’t managed to venture out on my own with both boys together. It’s a scary thought. I want to, but I am an eternal worrier, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I need to take the plunge and get out there.
  • Spare room to boys room – We started sorting out our spare room last month in the hopes of moving the boys in there by next summer. Our plan is to clear the room out, store what we can in Cupars room and sell/donate the things that we don’t want. We also need to clean and decorate, and then build some cabin/bunk bed type beds. We’ve made a start on clearing it out, and the plan this month is to carry on sorting through everything.

I have 6 goals to work through again this month, and I’m really looking forward to getting started.

Goal setting

Setting goals helps to keep me accountable during the month and helps me to stay motivated.

If I happen to have any down time (rare), then I know there’s always something that I can work on. Even if it’s just picking up a book and having a read.

As a busy Mumma, it helps to have some goals that are just for you. So for example, my getting a haircut goal is about more than just a haircut. It’s about me time and doing something that will make me happier, which in turn makes the little people around me happier too.

What are your goals this month?

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8 Replies to “New Month New Goals | May 2022”

  1. I love setting goals at the start of each month! I’ve got a couple of similar ones – eat healthy! I found that with all the Easter chocolate in April, I consumed way too much chocolate aha! I also plan to blog a lot more regularly! Excited to read what posts you write!

    Emily x

    1. I had way too much chocolate too 😂 But it’s got to be done at Easter! It’s an excuse to have a treat 😊

  2. I like the concept of monthly goals. I am glad that you’re able to achieve them in April. I planned to post a poem a day in my blog and I was able to achieve that. This month I am going to focus on my health and work.

    1. Thanks lovely 😊 I can’t wait to get my hair done! It’s so long at the moment and so hard to look after.

  3. Great goals! I’m the same with eating healthily haha, it’s definitely something I need to work on. My main goals for this month are to make studying more of a priority, read when I can and maintain my blog too. Good luck with reaching all of your goals, and thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Good luck with your goals too 😊 Why is eating healthy so hard 😂 I just had some chocolate biscuits. Doesnt help that they’re right next to me! I think I might have to hide them.

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