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What we love this month – August

August isn’t usually the month to love dungarees, comfort food, and indoor activities, but with the heatwave of July now a distant memory, it’s turned rather chilly! Last month was all about sun hats, the park, and ice lollies, but this month has been all about things that are a bit more autumnal in comparison.

I don’t know where our summer has gone, but I’m hoping it comes back soon. Even though the weather hasn’t been great, we’ve still had a fun month.

Here are our loves for this somewhat cold and rainy August:

Amusement rides in the mall

This month we discovered the amusement rides in our local mall. We were out running some errands last week and it was a rainy day, so we ran into the mall to dry off. As soon as we got in there, Cupar spotted the rides and pointed them out. We ended up spending nearly an hour getting round them all. I didn’t even have to put any money in them either, as he was quite happy to just sit there and pretend he was driving.

baby on an amusement ride

Cupar loves anything to do with cars and planes, so he was in his element. I’ve got fond memories of these rides from when I was little, so I’m glad Cupar can enjoy them too.

Little shoes

Cupar started walking this month, so we went out and got him his first pair of proper shoes. He was a little bit unsure of them at first, but he soon got used to them and now insists on walking everywhere. He loves to hold onto the pushchair and walk beside it when we’re out, which always gets a lot of smiles from people.

Getting his first shoes was something I’d been looking forward to for months, and I feel so proud when I see him walking.

The library

Another rainy day activity for this month has been the library. Cupar loves it in there and always gets so excited when we walk through the doors. There are so many books, dressing up clothes and toys to play with that they keep him entertained for hours. Now he’s discovered he can walk, he’s started interacting with the other children a bit, though this usually consists of him trying to take their toys off them and then looking all confused when they run away.


I am loving baby dungarees at the moment. It hasn’t really been warm enough for shorts this month, and I don’t want to always dress him in jogging bottoms, so we’ve gone for dungarees. He’s got 3 really cute pairs, and I’m going to have to go out and get some more for him. My Mum said she used them all the time for me, especially when I was crawling. They’re just one of those items that never seem to go out of fashion.

A grandma and a baby in the garden

Tesco baby food pouches

I found something amazing this month – Tesco baby food pouches. It’s sometimes difficult to know what to give Cupar for lunch when we’re out. He’s still in that stage where he’ll spit a lot of food out and most of it ends up on the floor. I think a lot of it is due to teething and having sore gums, which means he doesn’t want to chew too much.

So, with that in mind, I decided to pick up a pouch of Tesco spaghetti bolognese this week. I had a taste of it myself before I gave it to Cupar, and honestly, I could have eaten the whole thing! Some baby foods can be a bit bland, but this one had a lot of flavour and was really nice. Cupar loved it, and it even kept him entertained for the walk home.

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