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What We Love | June 2020

Compared to the previous few months, June has felt a bit more normal, but to be honest, I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!

While it is lovely to be able to go out shopping and see family again, there is still an air of uneasiness about everything that I think will stick around for some time yet.

Although things have changed somewhat regarding the lockdown situation, we’ve still been spending the majority of our time at home, because home is where we’re happiest.

Here’s what we have been LOVING in June ♥


We have a hedgehog in our garden and it’s the cutest little thing ever. It seems to have made its home in some old wooden pallets that I was planning to get rid of because they’re taking up space, but I guess they will have to stay where they are for now!

A hedgehog
This isn’t the best quality photo because I couldn’t get too close, but here’s our midnight visitor!

After having a quick search on what hedgehogs eat, we decided to give the gorgeous little thing some cat food, and it went down very well.

I’m hoping he sticks around for a while yet because he’s fascinating to watch, and he eats all the slugs and snails that would otherwise be trying to get into our house (seriously, I don’t know where they keep coming from).

Nature walks

As it’s been so warm in the evenings lately, we’ve been having a walk after dinner to wind down before Cupar goes to bed.

There’s a lovely little nature walk just outside our house, and Cupar has really been enjoying having a run around and wearing himself out.

We do a loop around the block which takes about half an hour in total. It leads us through a wooded area, a park, and also a play area.

The only bad thing about the walk is that Cupar is desperate for a play on the swings and slide, but as children’s play areas are still closed for the time being, we can’t go in.

The beach

With the travel restrictions being lifted, we treated ourselves to a morning at the beach this month. We went to a lovely little place called Mundesley which is well worth a visit if you’re ever in Norfolk.

With an almost secluded beach, we made sandcastles, had a paddle in the sea, and enjoyed the fresh air that we’ve been craving lately.

It was lovely to be outside in the open air again, and although there were people about, everyone respected each other’s space and left lots of room between themselves on the beach.

Sand and blue sky
A family at the beach

Flowers and bumblebees

I’m pretty sure that these lovely pink flowers in my garden are actually weeds… But they do look gorgeous in amongst the lavender ♥

A bumblebee on a flower

I could sit in the garden and watch the bumblebees buzzing around for hours. I’m trying to make the garden more ‘wildlife friendly’ at the moment with lots of plants, flowers, and bug houses to try and attract more.


Lego has featured on my ‘What We Love’ post before, and it definitely deserves another mention. Aeron and Cupar are obsessed with the stuff!!

With it being Father’s Day this month, Aeron was treated to a lego set. He chose the fire truck and burger bar set, which he enjoyed putting together with Cupar.

A dad and toddler playing with lego

Our lego collection is building up quite nicely now, and it’s something that we can all get involved in playing with together which I love.

Cooler nights

Is anyone else happy that the weather has turned a bit cooler this weekend? I love the sun, but it has been getting a bit too much for us lately!

Night times have been the worst with our bedrooms heating up so much that we don’t even want to be in there.

I did consider having us all sleep downstairs where it was a bit cooler, but luckily the weather has now changed a little bit, and we’re all sleeping a lot better.

What have you been loving in June? Has anything made you smile?

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