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New Month, New Goals | June 2020

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that June is finally here.

Spring was a weird one for all of us, and although things are still far from normal, a new season arriving feels like a much needed ray of sunshine (quite literally).

And that means that it’s finally summer!!

May turned out to be a bit of a busy month for me, and I ended up doing a lot of things that I hadn’t planned on doing. The goals I had set kind of got pushed down to the bottom of the ‘to do‘ list to make way for some new projects.

Sometimes, though, having a change of routine and taking on something new is a good thing. Wouldn’t life be boring if we knew what we were doing all the time?!

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look and see what I managed to achieve during May

  • Have a clothes clear out (Me, Aeron and Cupar) – Started, so 1/2 point
  • Tackle the spare room – Started, so 1/2 point
  • Work on the freelancing side of things – Achieved
  • Do some work in the garden – Started, so 1/2 point
  • Do a YouTube video – Does a podcast count?

3 and a half out of 5 isn’t too bad 🙂

I gave myself half a point for the goals that I’d started on, even though I didn’t finish them.

Actually getting started on something is usually the hard part, so once you’ve got that out of the way the rest should be easier.

I gave myself 1 point for the YouTube video goal because although I didn’t do a video, I did do a podcast!

Well, I’m pretty pleased with how I did during May. I won’t be re-adding the goals that I started onto this month’s list, but I will carry on working on them in the background.

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Let’s have a look at my brand new goals for June

My goals are going to be centered around staying at home again this month, as we’re still not back to normal just yet:

  • Make some garden decorations – I’ve been getting back into crafting lately, and I’d really like to make some garden decorations. I’m thinking bug houses, fairy gardens and possibly somewhere for Cupar to play that is specifically for him
  • Make some smoothies – I am so bad at remembering to eat fruit. I’m really not a fruit person, but I know that I should be eating more of the stuff.
  • Build freelance business – I would love love love to work from home, and this month I’m going to try and work on that a bit more and do some more planning
  • Work/life balance – As I mentioned above, I need more of a work/life balance. Freelancing is the dream, but for now, I’ll have to carry on as I am. There are a few changes I can make though which should help me to feel a bit better, and changing my hours at work is going to be a good start
  • Destress/chill/make a plan – Again, this one ties in with the two previous goals. I have been super stressed out lately and just exhausted mentally and physically. I’ve got a few things I’m going to start changing, and I’ll see how I get on
  • Podcast – I’ve wanted to start a podcast like forever, and I’m so pleased that it’s actually happening. I need to get better at planning and making notes though!

I always get really excited when I write this post out every month. I love the start of a new month, and especially a new season.

What are your goals for June? Do you have anything you want to do this summer?

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24 Replies to “New Month, New Goals | June 2020”

  1. Congrats on everything you achieved in May! Starting a podcast is a huge step – well done! Something I could only dream of. I absolutely wouldn’t know where to start. Best of luck for June, I’m sure you’ll smash all of them!

    1. It’s really helped being in a team rather than on my own with the podcast. We all motivate each other which is lovely 😊

  2. 3 and a 1/2 out of 5 is amazing! I’ve been meaning to start a podcast for YEARS and have never gotten round to it so well done for doing something I can’t seem to. Also, you’ll do great in June, go smash those goals!

    1. I wanted to start one for years as well. It’s definitely worth giving it a go, it was so much fun recording it 😊

  3. Well done for everything you achieved in May beauty. Great list of goals for the month ahead, I hope you tick them all off. As for myself, I’ve actually started the month on a high as I just released a poetry e-book with my latest blog post.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

    1. It really is isn’t it? I thought about it for ages, and just decided to go for it and see what happens 😂

  4. Sounds like you’ve got some great goals planned for June! I love that you included the importance of finding balance in life – that’s an area that I know that I need to work on! I find it so easy to get caught up in my work and lose track of the fact that I’m not taking time off for the things I enjoy.

  5. I’m glad you achieved a lot in May! I really need to get my work and personal life flowing together again so that’s a June goal for me as well!

  6. Well done for your achievements in May 🙂 You’ve got some interesting things on your list for June – I’d love to go freelance. It’s always bee a dream for me but never something I’ve actually considered. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with this 🙂

    1. I’m going to give it a few months and see what happens. It’s a lot of work, but I’m enjoying it so far 😊

  7. Sounds like May was a great month, well done on achieving all you did. Setting goals is such a good way to give focus to the month ahead. Look forward to seeing you smash your goals this month x

    1. Ah, thank you 😊 I love setting goals. Like you said, it’s a good way to give focus to the month ahead.

    1. Thank you 😊 The weather has turned a bit rubbish, but hopefully it’ll get better so I can get crafting for the garden!

  8. Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved so far! Hope June is a successful month for your goals too. There are some great ones on here and I like the idea of making more smoothies. I’ve never really thought about making smoothies at home but I may give it a go!

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