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15 Things To Do With Kids In June | 2020

Have some summer fun and beat that boredom with these 15 things to do with kids in June ♥

June has arrived, and so has the hot weather (finally). Whether you’re still at home, or you’re slowly starting to venture out again, why not enjoy some summer fun this month, and check out these 15 things to do with kids in June.

June just screams summer to me. Long hot summer days and evenings, melt into short, sweaty nights with all the windows open but no breeze coming through!! Late nights and early mornings are part of our lives for the next few months and ice lollies are a staple part of everyone’s diet now.

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So if you’re looking for some things to do with the kids in June, take shelter from the sun and try out these fun summer activities. There are even some that are just for Mums too (Cocktails anyone?!).

Here are 15 things to do with kids in June (and some for Mums too!)

  1. If you’re still not venturing too far from your house, but you’re longing to laze about on a warm beach, why not bring the beach to you? Set up a sandpit and paddling pool for the kids, dip your feet in and pretend you’re having a lazy day at the coast all while sipping on a yummy cocktail
  2. Speaking of cocktails, how about creating your own and giving it a fun name? Have a quick google for some inspiration, and then invent your own summer drink
  3. When you fancy a treat, there’s nothing quite like tucking into a bowl of homemade ice cream. Have a go at making some with the kids and experiment with flavours and toppings
  4. If you’re missing out on your camping trip this summer, treat the kids to a night under the stars in the back garden instead. Get the BBQ out, rustle up some burgers and tell campfire stories by torchlight
  5. Get crafty and try your hand at painting stones. Give them a summer theme with crabs, fish, and sunshine and then decorate the garden with your new creations
  6. Is your hair looking a bit worse for wear since lockdown hit? Why not give it a summer makeover with a new colour. Go bold and try something you haven’t done before
  7. The warmer months are a great time to try out a new makeup look. Keep it fresh and summery with pastels or shimmery colours
  8. Treat your skin to a little makeover too with a new skincare routine. Go for a nice light moisturiser that protects the skin from the sun too
  9. Watch a feel good summer film with the family. Grease is always a winner for me!
  10. If you’re running out of things to do after being cooped up for weeks on end, why not pick up a new hobby? Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration. Painting, drawing, writing, and dancing are all things that are fun to try with the kids
  11. Have a no screen day and get out and enjoy the sun together
  12. Start a summer scrapbook of everything you get up to this month. A few things you could include are pressed flowers, drawings of wildlife/bugs/interesting things you’ve seen, recipes for new foods you’ve tried and stories of adventures you’ve been on
  13. Have fun with some water in the garden, and cool down from all that sun! Paddling pools, watering cans, water pistols, and water painting can all be a lot of fun
  14. Take some time to get all of those little jobs around the house done. You know, the ones you keep putting off while thinking, I’ll do that later
  15. As the lockdown restrictions have been eased a little bit, now is the perfect time for a game of Poohsticks! If you’ve never tried it before, have a look at this post. Oh, and be sure to read the kids the history of Poohsticks at some point too ♥

Is there anything that you fancy trying this month?

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8 Replies to “15 Things To Do With Kids In June | 2020”

    1. I love making my own stuff. I love experimenting with flavours, and trying things that you won’t find easily in shops 😊

  1. Oh some lovely suggestions here. I really hope the lovely sunshine comes back very soon though. Although we have been so lucky I don’t feel like we can complain too much really.

    I hope you manage to work your way through the list. I will be giving these a go as well I think x

    1. I’m still not feeling confident enough to go to the beach, so bringing it to the garden is the next best thing 😊

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