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15 Things To Do With Kids In August | 2020

Can you believe that Autumn is almost here? It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming summer with open arms and thinking about our ‘new normal’.

I’m sure I say it every year, but hasn’t it flown by?

August, to me, is all about squeezing out every last drop of summer that you can before the cooler weather of autumn comes in. It’s also about preparing for autumn, and getting everything ready that we need to.

These 15 activities are sure to help you enjoy those summer vibes for a little bit longer:

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  1. Have an end of summer party – Put some music on, fire up the BBQ and enjoy that summer sun
  2. Watch the sunset at the beach – We did this last year, and it was amazing. I highly recommend it as a summer evening treat
  3. Plan your autumn home decor – Think oranges, browns, lots of pine cones, and of course, fairy lights to give everything a little glow
  4. Go stationary shopping for back to school time – Stationary shopping is so much fun.
  5. Get a photo book printed of your summer – Keep those summer memories going well into Autumn, with a photo book
  6. Decorate the garden with autumn inspired crafts – Woody, natural materials are always very autumnal, and look great made into fairy houses or insect dens
  7. Have an outside movie night with the laptop or a projector – Set some solar lights up, eat your tea outside, and watch your favourite film. You could even invite the neighbours to watch from their garden too!
  8. Clear out all those 2ps at the arcades – The 2p machines at the arcades are what summer is all about for me. It’s a relatively cheap activity too
  9. Teach the kids a new skill (sewing, knitting, cooking) – New skills are always great to have, and once the cooler weather gets here, it’ll give the kids something to do in the evenings
  10. Encourage journaling, especially with back to school coming up – Journaling can be a great stress reliever. With back to school being somewhat different this year, journaling can be a great way for kids to get their thoughts and feelings out
  11. Get those cooler weather duvets and bedding washed and ready to put on the beds – I love putting my big winter duvet back on the bed in the autumn. I sleep so much better with it, and it’s always something I look forward to. Why not take the opportunity to get everything clean and fresh and ready for putting on the bed
  12. Get the coats washed and ready for autumn – Don’t you just hate it when you take the coats out of the cupboard on the first cool day and find they’re covered in mud, or smell a bit musty from being stuck at the back of the cupboard for months on end? Why not take them out and give them a wash now so that they’re ready for when you need them
  13. Get out in the garden and tidy everything up – Find somewhere to put the summer garden furniture, do all your end of summer plant care, and start prepping for autumn
  14. Grab a new houseplant to brighten up the living room (or kitchen, or bedroom) – Add some greenery and colour to your home
  15. Fly a kite – A kite at the beach is amazing in the summer. Relive your childhood with a pretty design. We have a pink pig 🙂

Get out there and have fun!

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