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Prada Candy – A review to help you discover your scent

Prada Candy review.

When you’re looking for a new scent, perfumes, body sprays and moisturisers can be a tricky thing to get right. You want to find something that smells amazing and makes you feel at your best, while also avoiding being so powerful and overbearing that it scares people away.

A good fragrance can lift you up, energise you and evoke memories and feelings from the past that were long forgotten. It can make you who you are, opening up your personality and playfully adding its own touch to your individuality. The right fragrance can be your signature scent, making you feel at home wherever you are. Or it can be an old friend that you turn to when you want to make an impression.

My new monthly fragrance series is all about finding the right scent for you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s a delicate floral essence for the summer, or a rich warming perfume for the winter, a new fragrance can do wonders for your mood. So let me take you on an aroma journey, and see if you can discover something new that you might not have considered before.

Discover your scent

The first fragrance that I’d like to introduce you to is the wonderful Candy by Prada.

A bottle of Prada Candy perfume
Click the image above to buy Candy by Prada
  • Bottle – A simple, elegant design, with a pleasing girly touch
  • Scent – Candyfloss at the funfair
  • Occasion – A date night
  • Score – 10/10

The scent

I first discovered this perfume about 5 years ago when my Dad bought me a bottle for Christmas. It was so good that I fell in love with it immediately. It has a lovely sweet smell, hence the name Candy. As soon as I opened it, I was transported straight back to my teenage years.

As a 13 year old discovering perfumes and body sprays for the first time, I came across something called Purple Chipie.I ended up wearing every day, only stopping when the bottle ran out. If you were lucky enough to own this back in the 90s, you will remember that it smelt like you had just taken a bath in bonbons, while washing your hair with cream soda.

It was eventually discontinued, and I could never find anything close to the same smell, until I smelt Candy. It has the same sweet, candycane smell, but it’s not overpowering as it has vanilla and caramel notes to calm it down. It’s a girly, flirtatious scent, with candyfloss aromas that will take you back to long summer evenings at the local funfair.

The bottle

The bottle is a really nice design. It combines a splash of hot pink for a feminine touch, with a simple, elegant shape which would like nice on anyone’s bathroom shelf. The box is head to toe pink with a black stripe curled around it. It boasts subtle gold touches to add a little bit of glamour. If like me, you have an area dedicated to your perfumes, you will be pleased to find that this will blend in well with your other bottles, while also catching your eye as you walk past. All the Prada Candy bottles look nice, but I think this one stands out the most with it’s striking hot pink flash.

The occasion

Although this scent works well for everyday wear (I’m obsessed with it), it does also lend itself well to being reserved for special occasions. It’s the kind of scent you want to savour and look forward to wearing. The kind you want to make an impact with. This would be the perfect perfume for a date night with your man, or a night out with the girls. It makes you feel feminine and playful, while also having a grown up air to it.

It’s around £50 for 50mls, which in my eyes is well worth the money. You don’t need to use much of this perfume to make an impact, so a bottle goes a long way. I’ve had 3 bottles since the one my Dad got me and I’ve got no plans to stop buying it. Unless they discontinue it and it goes the same way as the beloved Chipie.

If you don’t want to splash out on the perfume, there are also body lotions, shower gels and body scrubs available for a fraction of the price. Although these have the same smell, they’re not as powerful as the perfume. They’re perfect if you’re running some errands or picking the kids up and want a nice subtle aroma that will last throughout the day.

Prada Candy shower gel in a pink bottle
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I think this is a really nice scent which works well at any time of the year. In the summer it will bring back memories of sweet shops and candyfloss, and in the winter it will take your mind to the candy canes hanging on the Christmas tree. Wear it every day for a signature scent, or wear it on a night out for a burst of impact. However you want to use it, make sure you try it at least once because you won’t be disappointed.

Prada Candy body lotion in a white bottle
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What’s your signature scent, or favourite body spray? Let me know in the comments and it may be featured in a future post.

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